Workers Compensation – Heart Attacks & Strokes

Questions and Answers

When can the insurer arrange an Independent Medical Examiner?

The insurer can arrange an independent medical examination if information from the treating doctors is inadequate, unavailable or inconsistent or the insurer cannot resolve issues directly with the injured worker’s treating doctors.

How much notice do the insurers have to provide workers before a medical appointment?

Insurers have to provide at least 10 working days notice before a medical examination unless the worker agrees to a shorter time frame.

Can injured workers choose which independent medical examiner they are seen by?

The insurer should provide injured workers with a choice of three independent medical examiners to choose from unless there are less than three examiners who can adequately assess their injury. The appointments should be as close to the workers home as possible.

If however the worker has been examined by an independent medical examiner within the last two years the worker should be examined by the same examiner.

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