Death Claims Resulting From Motor Accidents

The loss of a loved one in a motor vehicle accident is a tragedy in itself.  The death of a breadwinner can have devastating effects on a family, both financially and psychologically.   Here at Taylor & Scott, we have acted in many compensation for crash death claims arising from motor vehicle accidents.  Each claim is dealt with by a senior lawyer with many years of experience in motor accident law here at Taylor & Scott


In compensation for crash deaths/motor accident claims, commonly referred to as motor accident compensation to relatives claims, the NSW State Government through legislation has limited the class of person who is able to bring a claim.

Claims may only be brought by a close relative or the executor or administrator of the Estate of the deceased person who died in the motor vehicle accident.

A close relative is defined as a wife, husband, de facto partner, brother, sister, half-brother, half-sister, parent or child of the person who died.

In order to ground the claim, you must not only be a close relative, but you have to establish liability/fault on the part of the other driver or owner of the vehicle who you allege is at fault. Therefore the person who dies in the accident can be a driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, motorbike rider or pillion passenger on a motorbike.  A claim for compensation can be made if you can establish/prove that a driver or the owner of a motor vehicle, other than the person who died, was partially or completely at fault in causing the accident and thereby caused the death.

In cases where a breadwinner is killed, we obtain expert forensic accountants to calculate the financial loss suffered by the family as a result of the breadwinner’s death.

Sometimes the death of a loved one can have a devastating psychological effect on the surviving members of the family.  In these situations, Taylor & Scott’s motor accident legal team retains the best psychiatrists and psychologists to assess the injured family member’s medical condition.  Careful attention is paid to the future medical needs to treat the psychological injury which, from experience, may need ongoing treatment for the rest of that family member’s life.

Here at Taylor & Scott, our motor accident compensation lawyers will do the following for you if a loved one is killed through someone else’s fault:

  • We will arrange a Free Case Assessment, either at one of our offices, at home, hospital or some other convenient venue.
  • We will provide clear unambiguous caring legal advice.
  • If we act for you, we will do so on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning you do not pay anything unless you win the case.
  • As stated earlier, we will retain the best experts to establish liability if this is not apparent and to prove economic financial loss and any claim for pain and suffering.

If you, a member of your family, friend or acquaintance has suffered the tragic loss of a close relative in a motor vehicle accident anywhere in NSW and would like to have a Free Case Assessment, please contact our expert team in motor accident death claims here at Taylor & Scott Lawyers by phoning 1800 600 664 or complete the Contact Form on this page.

You can trust Taylor & Scott, we have the expertise and experience to assist family members in these difficult times.  Our firm is committed to helping you and your family to a better future.

At Taylor & Scott “We Care For You”.