Successful Health Waiver for Health Care Professional With a Genetic Blood Disorder

Andrew Woo, Immigration Lawyer (LPN 5511494), is an expert in health waiver matters concerning permanent residency. With years of experience assisting clients with various medical conditions, he’s become the go-to Lawyer for people applying for PR.

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that causes one’s body to have less haemoglobin than normal and requires blood transfusions and iron chelation. For Andrew, this was an unknown condition that required research to understand.


Andrew’s client was born with Thalassemia and required ongoing treatment from a young age. He was determined not to let hereditary conditions control his life.

Andrew’s client became a Registered Nurse in his country of origin despite the challenges associated with the lifelong treatment. He then met his wife, with whom he started a family, and started looking for opportunities to relocate to Australia with his family.

Andrew’s client ultimately successfully secured an offer of employment in regional Australia. After his prospective employer readily agreed to sponsor him and his family for a Subclass 494 visa, he did not hesitate to submit his application. Still, he knew it would not be plain sailing due to his hereditary blood disorder.

Initial Advice and Health Waiver

In mid-2021, Andrew’s client reached out to Andrew after learning the estimated costs of treating Thalassemia would be $710,000.00 to the Australian community over ten years.

After reviewing his client’s materials, Andrew’s preliminary view was that the Department would not likely grant a health waiver due to the high potential costs. Andrew explained the potential challenges associated with the case and laid out his plans whilst giving his candid and realistic advice.

Following Andrew’s advice, Andrew’s client carefully put together all the relevant documents for Andrew to prepare and submit his health waiver submissions.

Successful Outcome

Andrew was thrilled to learn that the Department of Home Affairs granted his client’s visa faster than expected. When he conveyed the joyous news to his client’s family, they were understandably thrilled and commented, “Are we dreaming? We can’t believe it was granted so quickly!”

This application illustrated that no matter how challenging a case appears on the surface, put forth your best considerations and have faith in your case.

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