Successful Health Waiver Granted for Partner Visa Applicant With Multiple Sclerosis

Andrew Woo, Immigration Lawyer, was recently able to secure a partner visa for his client, who had faced uncertainty due to her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


The applicant was leading a successful career as a Lawyer in her country of origin. The sponsor, who had previously come to Australia to study, started a career in software engineering and became an Australian citizen.

The applicant and the sponsor met on a dating site, hit it off immediately, and continued to develop their relationship by video calling and messaging each other daily. Eventually, the applicant and the sponsor decided to become lifelong partners.

The applicant came to Australia to join the sponsor and submitted her application for a partner visa in 2019. Shortly after, the applicant developed a clinical episode and was subsequently diagnosed with MS.

Both applicant and sponsor were concerned about the implications of the medical condition on the applicant’s visa application.

Initial Advice and Health Waiver

In early 2021, the applicant and the sponsor learned the estimated cost to the Australian community by the Medical Officer of the Commonwealth was over $180,000 (AUD) over ten years.

That was when they sought advice from Andrew of Taylor and Scott Lawyers.

After evaluating the ins and outs of their case, Andrew formulated a strategic plan to focus on positive aspects, such as the applicant’s skills and prospects of finding employment as a newly admitted Lawyer in Australia.

The applicant and the sponsor decided to engage Taylor and Scott Lawyers for the health waiver process, putting their faith in Andrew’s expertise and experience to guide them through.

Successful Outcome

The applicant and the sponsor’s decision to use Andrew’s expertise ultimately paid dividends as their application for a waiver of the health requirement was successful.

They were extremely pleased with the outcome as it was a massive weight off their shoulders, and they could finally get on with their lives in Australia.

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