Top 3 Reasons You Should Get an Immigration Lawyer

In today’s digital era of ubiquitous information, you may be wondering why – or even if – you should consult an Immigration Lawyer for your visa, when things like Google and social media platforms are right at your fingertips. However, Australian immigration law is complex and extensive and continues to evolve at an incredibly fast pace – even during the pandemic, so keeping up with the newest legislations, rules, and regulations is quite a task. Not to mention the legal jargon you have to navigate through – which can be very difficult for someone with a non-English speaking background. So, here are the top 3 reasons you should always consult an Immigration Lawyer.

Knowledge and Expertise

Immigration law is constantly changing with the Department of Home Affairs continuously introducing new visa requirements. The relevant forms are also continuously updated to reflect those changes. Having studied and worked in the field for many years, Immigration Lawyers have extensive knowledge of the Migration Act, regulations, and all other relevant legislations and policies involved. It’s also part of their professional responsibilities to keep abreast of the latest changes. Similarly, the application process can come with many hurdles that may result in your visa being delayed – or worse, refused. In this instance, it can be extremely helpful for you to engage an Immigration Lawyer who is well-versed on the issues involved and can provide you with strategic options tailed to your current circumstances.

Application accuracy

Completing visa application forms is not  a simple task and can be arduous in the simplest of cases. In fact, it’s not uncommon for applications to be refused because of simple but fatal errors and incorrect information that the applicant wasn’t aware of. In addition to this, the Department of Home Affairs aren’t obliged to contact applicants directly when documents are missing or filled incorrectly. A visa refusal could also lead to a ban in re-applying, which can reflect poorly on your history when applying for visas in future – whether that be in Australia or overseas. So, engaging an experienced Immigration Lawyer with exceptional attention to detail to assist you, will not only ensure your application is airtight but also minimise the chance of getting your application refused due to those fatal errors or incorrect information that are preventable.

Simplifying the Complicated

There are several different visas under Australian immigration law – each of them with individual requirements and legislations involved. Furthermore, the application for each of them involves a significant number of forms that need to be filled out, with a great deal of supporting evidence that you need to include. Then there’s the potential roadblocks you may face once the application has been submitted – a process that can take months, sometimes years to navigate. With the assistance of an Immigration Lawyer, however, the experience can be less stressful and hassle free. They can support you in each and every step of the way, assisting with all documentation for the application, collecting and organising all the evidence, communicating with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf, and resolving any complex issues that may arise.

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