93 Year Old Pedestrian Awarded Compensation After Being Hit By A Car

Our Pedestrian Injury Compensation Legal Team here at Taylor & Scott recently completed a motor accident claim for a lady 93 years of age.

Our client was out shopping.  She attempted to cross a road in a marked pedestrian crossing when a car failed to give way to her, knocking her to the roadway and causing a serious head injury.  Rushed to hospital, our client was diagnosed with a fractured skull, together with cuts, abrasions and bruising.  Following hospitalisation, she returned to her home but now unfortunately suffers from vertigo which greatly inhibits her ability to move about her home and to go out shopping.

Our client sought advice from the experts at Taylor & Scott in Motor Vehicle Pedestrian Accidents.  Simon Meigan who is an accredited specialist and Expert in Pedestrian Injury Compensation assisted his client to complete all necessary forms and brought a claim against the greenslip insurer of the vehicle that caused the accident.  The case was run on a no-win/no-pay basis.  Eventually Simon was able to negotiate a settlement of his client’s Pedestrian Injury Compensation Claim.
If you are a pedestrian who is injured on a roadway, please contact our Expert Team of Pedestrian Injury Compensation Lawyers.  They will offer you a Free Case Assessment.  If they take on your claim, it will be conducted on a no-win/no-pay basis.

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