What Is The Advantage Of Bringing A Motor Accident Claim?

Damages for non-economic loss are awarded if your whole person impairment is greater than 10%. If you bring a work injury damages claim, the threshold is much higher, that is, greater than 15% whole person impairment. The difference could be worth thousands of dollars to you.

If we decide that your work injury arises out of the use of a motor vehicle and is a motor accident, our expert team here at Taylor & Scott will ensure that the Police are notified, a notice of claim form will be completed and served on the relevant insurer within six months and all procedural requirements of the Motor Accident Compensation Act will be complied with.

If we take your case, it will be conducted on a no-win/no-pay basis, which means that if you don’t win, we don’t get paid. That is our “GUARANTEE” to you.

So if you are injured at work anywhere here in NSW, our expert team of lawyers, many of whom are accredited specialists in personal injury, will carefully review the facts and circumstances of your claim to see whether it can be categorised as a motor vehicle accident.

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