Barrier Erected by Local Council Workers Obstructs Drivers View Compensation Awarded for Injuries

Our client was a truck driver making deliveries to various destinations in country NSW. On this particular day he was driving on the highway in the late morning.

The local Council had been carrying out roadworks and the Council workers had placed a number of large barriers on certain parts of the road. Our client approached one of these barriers and waited behind the barrier until he thought the roadway was clear and it was safe for him to turn. Unfortunately the Council workers had placed the barrier in such a way that it obstructed the view of drivers waiting to make the turn. When it came time for our client to make his turn, thinking that the roadway was clear he commenced his turn. Unfortunately due to the negligent placement of the barrier, a collision occurred and our client suffered injuries to his leg, hand, elbow, back and neck.

Police attended the scene of the accident and quickly assessed that the barrier was in the wrong position. It needed to be moved to ensure that other drivers didn’t suffer the same fate as our client.

Our client was taken to hospital by ambulance and treated. The injuries forced him to take a number of weeks off work as he recuperated. Whilst he has managed to get back to work and continue driving, he has been left with pain and restriction of movement in his knee, as well as his back and neck, all of which have affected his work and his day to day activities.

Believing that the accident was not his fault, he turned to the experts in motor accident claims here at Taylor & Scott, for advice and assistance. Michelle Meigan, Senior Associate here at Taylor & Scott, acted for the client. She obtained the evidence of an expert in roadway barrier safety which supported her client’s contention that the barrier had been negligently placed in position by the Council workers. Michelle went on to gather medical evidence from her client’s treating doctors and eventually launched a negligence claim against the local Council.

We are very pleased to report that the insurer for the Council agreed to pay a substantial monetary award in favour of our client. He received compensation for all of his medical treatment for the past and the future, he received compensation for his wage loss, both past and future, and he received a lump sum to compensate for his pain and suffering and the effects of the accident on his life.

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