Dissatisfaction With Previous Lawyers Client Turns to Taylor & Scott Motor Accident Lawyers For Help – Million Dollar Settlement Achieved

Our client was riding his motorcycle from work one afternoon when a car turned out of a side street knocking him from his bike. In the accident, he suffered a very serious injury to his leg and hip. Fortunately, he was not knocked unconscious.

Ambulance and Police were called and he was admitted to the hospital.  Several operations then followed in which his ankle was pinned and plated. He needed a number of skin grafts and a transfer to a specialist hospital because he had contracted a serious infection.  In all, he was hospitalized for about three months. He was then allowed home where he rested and recuperated over several months.

Initially, he had responded to a lawyers’ advertisement he had heard on the radio.  He gave instructions to these lawyers and then heard very little. Becoming very frustrated and depressed when his lawyers seemed too busy to take his calls, he took the advice of a friend and turned to the expert lawyers here at Taylor & Scott Motor Accident Lawyers seeking help and guidance.

Arrangements were made by our lawyers to visit their client at his home and take very detailed instructions from him.  We spent several hours with our client taking these instructions, explaining to him his rights under the motor accident laws here in NSW and laying out a plan to ensure we achieved maximum compensation for the very serious injuries that he had suffered.  Following these conferences, our client gave instructions to take over the matter from his previous lawyers.

Because our client was not entitled to weekly compensation as he was on a journey home from work, our team approached the motor accident insurance company and made submissions to secure a preliminary lump sum payment on account of the severe economic hardship that he and his family were suffering.

Simon Meigan, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, Partner and acknowledged as one of NSW’s leading motor accident lawyers, then acted for our client.  Having received the file from the previous lawyers, Simon set about securing very detailed reports from all our client’s treatment providers.  Simon also arranged for independent experts to examine his client and prepare further detailed reports.  Because of the nature of the injuries and the difficulty our client experienced in performing his work duties, Simon sought assistance from experts in occupational medicine in order to fully understand just how these injuries would impact on his client’s employability into the future.  After many months of active rehabilitation including a number of skin graft operations, physiotherapy etc, our client managed to return to his employer, initially just doing a few hours a week in the office.  His wife was a tremendous support to him and would drive him to and from work.  At one point in time, she couldn’t drive him and so he was forced to take a taxi.  He was determined to rehabilitate himself and made every effort to get back to full-time employment.

We can report that after a year plus off work, our client has rehabilitated himself back into the workforce, but obviously, with the severe injuries that he has suffered, he is greatly restricted in the type of work that he can do. Fortunately, he has a very caring and understanding boss who has done his best to help our client return to full-time employment albeit earning far less money than before the accident.


Eventually, Simon had prepared his client’s case to a point where he could be referred to the Motor Accident Medical Assessment Service who after examination agreed that his permanent impairment was greater than 10% whole person impairment thereby entitling our client to receive lump-sum damages for his pain and suffering.  Armed with the MAS Certificate, Simon then prepared very detailed submissions to the insurance company, particularising how the accident had impacted on his client, both physically, psychologically and financially.   We are very pleased to report that Simon has been able to achieve a million-dollar settlement for our client’s motor accident claim.


If you suffer serious permanent injuries and are not happy with the advice and assistance you are receiving from your lawyers, you are welcome to contact our team of experts in motor accident law here at Taylor & Scott.

We offer a free face to face case assessment where our lawyers will provide advice in respect to your claim and outline to you how they will seek maximum compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

If our team agrees to take on your case, we will make arrangements to uplift your file from your previous lawyers.  We will conduct your claim on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning that you will not pay Taylor & Scott any costs whatsoever unless and until you are successful with your claim.

Our lawyers are all experts in personal injury and motor accident claims.  They will listen to you and do everything they can to ensure that you receive maximum compensation.   Please contact our team by phoning 1800 600 664 or email us at info@tayscott.com.au

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Together we will get through the Covid-19 pandemic nightmare.  All of us at Taylor & Scott hope you stay safe.



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