Knocked From Pushbike, Million Dollar Settlement Achieved

Our client was an academic. He loved his work. He worked long hours and was determined to make it to the very top of his profession. One day he was riding his bicycle. In the process of riding through an intersection, a motor vehicle failed to give way and struck him. He was knocked from his bike and sustained numerous injuries. Police were in attendance and blamed the driver of the vehicle for not giving way to our client. He was rushed by ambulance to hospital and then underwent a nine-hour operation. He had suffered a head injury which had left him unconscious for some time. Breaks to his shoulder, arm, finger, toe and a right fourth cranial nerve palsy, which had affected his vision, were some of the injuries he had suffered. He also suffered multiple soft tissue injuries and now suffers from a significant psychological injury.

For the next several months following his accident, he had great difficulty using his arms. His partner had to care for him on a day to day basis, initially for several hours a day, but slowly reducing over time to one or two hours per day.

His relationship with his partner has suffered greatly as he is no longer the same high functioning intellectual person he was before the accident. As a result of his accident, he has become seriously withdrawn. He socialises far less than he did before the accident. He has ongoing problems with anxiety and suffers from panic attacks.  He continues to re-live his accident in nightmares and has great difficulty sleeping. In respect to his work, he can no longer work full time and just manages to do one day a week or so. The work he did outside of his employer has also had to end.


A friend of our client referred him to Simon Meigan, Partner, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury and an expert in motor accident claims.

Simon met with his client and extended to him a complimentary free face to face case assessment. He explained his rights and set out a road map of how Simon would run his case. Of course, Taylor & Scott’s no-win/no-pay cost agreement was utilised which meant that Simon’s client would not pay any costs whatsoever unless and until he had won his case.

Simon, having obtained all of his client’s medical and employment records, then arranged a number of expert medical appointments with orthopaedic specialists, psychologists, ophthalmologists and an employment expert to provide opinions as to the physical and psychological effects of the accident on his client as well as the impact of this accident on his client’s ability to earn a living. Simon also sought help from his client’s former employer who was prepared to come forward and speak about his employment and promotion prospects which had been destroyed by this accident. Simon was then ready to organise a mediation of his client’s claim. 


We are very pleased to report that Simon was able to negotiate a settlement of his client’s claim for in excess of $1,000,000. Whilst no amount of money replaces good health, at least now Simon’s client has financial security and hopefully will be able to move on with his life. 


If you, a member of your family, or someone you know is seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, then it pays to ensure that you have the very best legal representation. Here at Taylor & Scott Motor Accident Lawyers, our team of highly qualified lawyers are leaders in their field.  We have been assisting injured motor vehicle victims here at Taylor & Scott for over 100 years. We offer a free face to face case assessment with you anywhere in NSW. If we take your case, it will be on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning you don’t pay Taylor & Scott any costs whatsoever unless and until you have won your case.

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