Large TPD Payment Secured for “Kiwi” Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

TPD Payment Secured-for-Kiwi-Injured-in- Vehicle-Accident

Our client was born over the ditch in New Zealand. He left school at an early age and spent most of his working life doing everything from shearing sheep to working in the construction industry. Needless to say, all of the jobs he has had are heavy hands-on type jobs. All required him to be in good physical shape.

Eventually he found himself here in NSW where he worked for a crane company. He had received his ticket as a “dogman” and was trying to secure his ticket as a crane driver.

Our Kiwi client loved the outdoors life. He enjoyed all the aspects of dogging cranes. Working all over Sydney, he worked a six day week and was paid very good money.

One day he was on a journey home from work. In a line of traffic, he was hit from behind and suffered serious injuries to his neck and shoulders. Our client was determined to get back to work. He continued on for a number of months taking pain medication to get him through the day.

Unfortunately eventually the pain became just too much. He packed up and moved back to New Zealand to be helped by family members. His injuries, particularly his shoulder injury, continued to deteriorate and eventually he went under the surgeon’s knife undergoing a shoulder replacement.

His recovery hasn’t been too good. He has difficulty lifting and carrying and even putting on a t-shirt causes a great deal of pain in his shoulder and neck region. He has become unemployable. Not knowing about his rights following the accident, he turned to the experts in workers compensation, motor accident claims and TPD claims here at Taylor & Scott. Michelle Meigan, Senior Associate and expert in all three areas, gave advice. She advised her client that unfortunately the law in NSW had changed and journey claims were no longer covered under the workers compensation laws. Fortunately, her client had a separate insurance policy which gave him limited weekly payments for a limited time (at least he could put food on the table in the short term). Michelle also advised that he had a viable motor accident claim against the vehicle that caused the accident and so she commenced a motor accident claim on his behalf.

Because of the long delay in prosecuting the motor vehicle third party claim, Michelle reviewed any entitlement that her client may have had to TPD under his superannuation.

We are very pleased to report that Michelle, having gathered evidence and made submissions particularising her client’s total and permanent disability to the trustee of the superannuation company, the company had now agreed to pay a very substantial sum to her client under the TPD insurance policy.

Michelle’s client is now financially secure and is able to pay for help and assistance when needed as he awaits the final outcome of his motor accident third party claim.


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