Managing medical costs after a motor vehicle accident

A motor vehicle accident can result in significant injuries requiring immediate and ongoing medical support. Medical expenses after a motor vehicle accident can be costly and knowing what can be claimed, from who, and for how long is often complicated. 

What medical expenses can be claimed after a motor vehicle accident?

Reasonable and necessary medical expenses can be claimed for up to six months. Serious injuries where the injured party is not at fault may claim benefits beyond the six-month period. 

Reasonable and necessary medical expenses may include hospital expenses, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, medical equipment and appointments with specialist medical practitioners. If an insurer deems an expense to be not ‘reasonable and necessary’ then the cost cannot be claimed. However, this can be challenged in some instances.

Who is eligible? 

Under the current NSW compulsory third party (CTP) Green Slip scheme, anyone who is injured in a motor vehicle accident in NSW can apply for benefits, regardless of fault. This includes drivers and passengers, motorbike riders, pedestrians and cyclists. The injury may be physical or psychological. 

Exceptions apply when the injured party has been convicted of a serious driving offence in relation to the motor vehicle accident or if the at-fault driver was knowingly driving an uninsured vehicle. In these situations, the at-fault driver is not eligible to make a claim for benefits. 

How can you make a claim?

Online claims can be made through Service NSW or by downloading an application for personal injury benefits and submitting this directly to the CTP insurer. 

Who should you recover costs from? 

Ambulance and public hospital treatment are not covered through Medicare. These costs are covered by the Fund Levy which is funded by CTP premiums, regardless of whether you have made a claim. 

Costs that are not covered by the Fund Levy can be claimed through the CTP insurer if they are reasonable and necessary.

Strict guidelines and time periods apply to claims for motor vehicle accidents. It is best practice to seek professional legal advice as soon as possible, so you don’t miss out on much-needed compensation. At Taylor & Scott Lawyers, our team of lawyers are experienced in motor vehicle accident claims. 

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