Car Accident Compensation Awarded After Car Fails To Stop At Red Light

Our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle being driven by his friend. Having a green light, they proceeded into an intersection when another vehicle came through the intersection on their left failing to stop on the red light.

Unluckily our client took the full force of the impact on the passenger side of the car where he was sitting. As a result of the car accident, our client suffered a severe dislocation of his hip and a fracture of his pelvis. He has required a number of operations to have pins inserted into his hip.

Our client loved the outdoor life and worked all over the country as a labourer in the construction industry. He was keen to get back to work but as luck would have it, the severity of his injuries meant that his days of earning big dollars as a labourer were over.

Gervase Liddy and Simon Meigan, car accident compensation experts and their litigation team brought a claim against the greenslip insurer of the motor vehicle at fault. A Free Case Assessment was conducted and the case was run on a no-win/no-pay basis. The team of expert motor accident lawyers pointed out to their client that evidence was critical as to the high earnings he would have continued to earn but for the injury.

Our expert team went about obtaining this financial evidence which meant securing evidence from comparable earners in the industry and obtaining a forensic accountant expert’s opinion as to the likely financial loss the client would suffer during the rest of his working life.

Eventually the car accident compensation team were able to negotiate a very favourable settlement for our client which meant that even though he was now in his early 60s, the money he would have earned if not injured was in fact awarded to him in one lump sum.

Our client was extremely happy with the outcome of his claim and is now able to enjoy his retirement confident in the knowledge that he is financially secure.

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