Car Accidents Overseas Tourists Beware NSW Roads Are Deadly

You’re on the trip of a lifetime “Down Under”. Friendly people, open roads, plenty of sunshine, great scenery. “Look out!”. Serious car accidents on our roads happen every day of the week and can have catastrophic consequences.

Driving a car here in NSW is open to all licensed drivers. It is very easy to turn up at any one of the hundreds of car rentals and rent a car. But driving on our NSW roads is dangerous. One of the major contributors to accidents here in NSW is “driver fatigue”. Setting off to drive from Sydney north to Queensland, west to Dubbo or south to Melbourne, involves many hours of concentrated driving. There are not many countries in the world where driving such long distances as in Australia would be contemplated. Getting behind the wheel alone, with friends or family should be a truly great experience but you must be careful.

Often we hear of car accidents where a driver drifts onto the wrong side of the road and collides head on with oncoming traffic. Overtaking another vehicle can also present risks. It is difficult to judge the speed of an oncoming vehicle if you are not familiar with the road. Knowing when to overtake are skills which many tourists don’t possess.

Setting off early in the morning driving into the sun, driving at dusk, not being aware if a kangaroo may hop into your path, are all risks which many a tourist may not have experienced in their own country. Cars don’t own the roads here in NSW. Large trucks, semi-trailers, double B’s are on our roads 7 days a week. Truck drivers drive at the speed limit. Overtaking a double B takes skill. Realising that a large semi can’t brake like a motor vehicle causes many an accident. Rest is vital on any trip. We all know we should rest up every two hours or so. Don’t consume alcohol and plan your trip. If you are filling up at a country petrol station, ask the attendant if there are any potential risks that are known on the road ahead. Aussies are friendly folk, they will gladly warn you of any risk that they are aware of.

Tourists often travel in groups. Several occupants in a car can be very distracting. It is hard to concentrate for long periods of time. Too often here at Taylor & Scott, our car accident lawyers hear about very serious accidents which can have tragic consequences for unsuspecting tourists.

“Stop, Revive, Survive”. These three words can prevent car accidents.

All of us wish you a wonderful time in Australia. But please be careful. There is more chance of you being seriously injured in a car accident than being bitten by a shark, snake or spider.

If you have the misfortune to be injured in a car accident here in NSW, our car accident compensation lawyers are happy to provide you with a Free Consultation in order to determine if you have any rights to bring a car accident compensation claim.

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