Car Runs Red Light: Major Injuries To Other Driver – A Personal Injury Case

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Here at Taylor & Scott we have many motor accident claims.  This report highlights what devastating effect a failure to stop at a red light can have.

Our client is a middle aged housewife, married, bringing up young children and also running a business from home as well as being very active with a love of horses and the outdoors.

Entering an intersection with a green light, she was “T-boned” by a car that did not stop on a red light.  As a result, she suffered severe injuries to her back and neck.

Our client had substantial treatment in hospital which was followed by a long period of rehabilitation.  Because of the injuries she suffered, our client was not able to perform all her household tasks and had to pay outside help to come in and assist her with such things as doing the washing and helping with her young children.

Initially our client sought help from her local lawyers.  They did not seem to be providing her with the legal support she needed, so eventually she came to Taylor & Scott. Simon Meigan, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury and Partner at Taylor & Scott, attended upon our client at her home.  Because of the client’s injuries, she preferred to see Simon at her home and Simon was happy to attend upon her and provide legal advice at her home.

A motor accident claim was commenced and this eventually resulted in a substantial settlement by way of a lump sum.

Commenting on the case, Simon said:

“I am always happy to consult with clients in their homes or at hospital if they are unable to come and see me and my team at one of our offices.  I travel throughout the State with my team seeing clients whose disabilities don’t allow them to travel”.

At Taylor & Scott we have a motto “We Care For You”.   I believe we live this motto by making sure that our clients always come first and that if, due to their injuries, disabilities and circumstances generally they are unable to travel to us, we will make every attempt to travel to them”.

So, if you need legal advice and find it difficult to travel to one of our offices, please don’t hesitate to contact Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers. We will do everything we can to make arrangements to see you in your home or anywhere else throughout the State.

At Taylor & Scott “ We Care For You.”

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