Early Morning Drive To Work Ends In “U Turn” Crash


Recently, Ivan Simic, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, acted for a worker who had set off for work very early one morning. Whilst driving his motor vehicle, another vehicle made a “U Turn” across his path resulting in a T-bone crash. Ivan’s client was injured and his car was a write off.

The client spent several days recuperating at home, attending his GP and having regular physiotherapy. He has been left with headaches and a painful neck.

Fortunately he has been able to return to his full time employment with the need to occasionally attend his physiotherapist and to take pain relief medication.

The client’s injuries were “soft tissue” and did not reach the 10% whole person impairment level which would have triggered an entitlement to a substantial lump sum under the motor accident legislation.

Having consulted Ivan and his team at Taylor & Scott, Ivan wrote to the greenslip insurer of the vehicle at fault and commenced negotiations to try and achieve a settlement of his client’s entitlements.

The settlement negotiations were very successful and Ivan was able to achieve an extremely good settlement, even though his client was able to return to his old job and has been left with only minor ongoing problems.

Commenting on the case, Ivan said:

“Many victims in motor accidents don’t realise that even if they are below the threshold for whole person impairment monetary compensation, they are still entitled to have their lawyer negotiate with the greenslip insurer on their behalf. Fortunately my client allowed me to advise him and to help him and in so doing I was able to achieve a very fair monetary lump sum payment to settle up his rights arising from this accident”.

So if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident which is somebody else’s fault, even if the injuries are not major or catastrophic, you should come and consult the experts here at Taylor & Scott. We will provide you with a free case assessment and if we take on your case, it will be done on a no-win/no-pay basis meaning that if you don’t win, we don’t get paid. This is our Guarantee to you.

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