Freak Accident In Family Car Devastates Young Woman

Freak Accident In Family Car

Our client was heading to work as a painter and decorator in a country town. Riding his motorcycle, he was struck by a car which failed to stop and give way at a Stop sign. Our client was thrown from his bike and suffered serious injury to his hip. A period of hospitalisation and rehabilitation was needed following an operation to pin and plate his hip.

Fortunately, after intensive rehabilitation our client was able to return to his occupation as a painter decorator and has learned to live with his pain and ongoing restrictions.

Simon Meigan, who heads the Personal Injury Section at Taylor & Scott, was contacted by the client and although he lived in country NSW, Simon was happy to accept his instructions and in fact, visited him on several occasions at his home. Simon lodged a motor accident claim on his client’s behalf with the Greenslip insurer of the motor vehicle at fault. Eventually, after Simon had carried out an extensive investigation of the claim and provided all facts and particulars to the Greenslip insurer, the Greenslip insurer was able to admit fault on behalf of its insured.

The claim came to a settlement conference and Simon was able to negotiate a very attractive settlement for his client.

If you are injured in a motorbike accident, Taylor & Scott will be able to make a free case assessment of your claim. It does not matter if you live in Sydney or in country NSW, Simon Meigan and his team will be able to assess your case and give you confident, accurate legal advice. If the team accepts your claim, they will prosecute your case on a no-win/no-pay basis which simply means that you won’t have to pay any legal costs at all to Taylor & Scott unless you win your case.

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