Inattentive 4-Wheel Driver Destroys Technician’s Life

Our client was a service technician sent out by his boss to do a job on a building site. In order to access the site, he had to walk down a pathway. Whilst doing so, a 4-wheel drive came along the pathway and struck our client.

The driver admitted that he wasn’t keeping a proper lookout and in fact had been distracted by his child who was with him in the vehicle.

As a result of the accident, our client suffered very serious injuries to his leg. A period of hospitalisation was followed by rehabilitation.

Our client has now been left with a regional pain syndrome in his leg which he finds very distressing and debilitating and has prevented him from returning to his work as a technician.

Simon Meigan, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, investigated the accident and brought proceedings against the owner/driver of the 4-wheel drive and his greenslip insurer. Eventually the matter came to a settlement conference and Simon was able to negotiate a very large settlement package for his client thereby ensuring that his family’s financial wellbeing was secure.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident in which you suffer injury, you may have the right to seek monetary compensation for your losses. This compensation will cover such things as medical expenses, past present and future, and economic loss, both past present and future. Simon and his team will also investigate any claim that you may have for gratuitous care. This is care that your family or other professionals may provide you following your accident. Another important aspect which will be investigated is any loss of future superannuation that you may suffer because of your inability to earn a wage.

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All motor accident claims in which Taylor & Scott act are done on a no-win/no-pay basis which means that if you don’t win, we don’t get paid. That’s our “Guarantee” to you.

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