What to Do If Injured While Riding in an Uber

Uber passengers

The ride-sharing service, Uber, links passengers with private drivers through a smartphone app. Since its arrival in Australia Uber has grown in popularity, embraced by Australians. When you take an Uber, you’re riding as a passenger in someone’s privately owned vehicle, as opposed to a commercially registered and insured taxi for example.

You may now be wondering if you haven’t already – who pays for compensation if you’re injured in an accident while riding an Uber?

There was a lot of initial backlash questioning the legality and safety of using Uber. However, with regulation introduced in most states and territories, this has been more or less resolved. Uber has insurance for all trips made on Uber to cover personal injury and damage to property.

Every Uber driver must have a current compulsory third party (CTP) insurance policy to cover personal injury as well as third party property damage insurance. What does this mean for you? If you’re in an accident while on an Uber trip, you can claim for your injuries, physical or psychological, under the CTP scheme.

Besides that, every Uber trip is covered by CGU-issued vehicle liability, which covers Uber drivers against accident liabilities of up to $20 million. So if the driver’s CTP or third-party insurers will not pay out personal injury or property damage claims, this additional policy should cover it.

Things to remember if you’re injured during an Uber trip

You are covered by both the Uber driver’s CTP insurance as well as Uber’s $20 million contingent liability policy if you are injured while riding as a passenger in an Uber. If you are involved in an accident, treat it like you would a private car accident, obtain the registered number of the vehicle at fault, make sure to report the incident to the Police and to Uber after seeking necessary medical attention. Some injuries may not be obvious at first and can manifest later so it’s important to protect yourself legally and don’t skip this step. Also, if you’re able to, take photos of the accident and note down details of witnesses before reporting the accident to police.

If your injuries prevent you from working, make sure you complete a claim form on the State Insurance Regulatory Authority website.

Making a Claim for Injuries

If your injuries were such that you were required to seek medical attention and take time off work or if you incurred significant medical expenses, you could lodge a CTP claim. However, dealing with the mental shock and aftermath of being in an accident can be traumatic, and you may want to put the incident behind you as quickly as possible. The claims process may not be all that simple.

That’s why, it’s prudent to seek the legal advice of an experienced compensation lawyer who will be able to guide you through the complicated legal process, especially if you consider your losses to be of a severe nature.

Having an expert compensation lawyer who specialises in motor vehicle accidents and is well-versed with how the legal system works is your best bet to getting the compensation outcome you’re after.

The Taylor & Scott ‘no-win no-fee’ guarantee is our commitment to your case. We will oversee all aspects of the claim process from start to finish, and you don’t need to pay us a cent until the case is complete and compensation has been paid to you. We treat you with honesty and integrity to ensure the best possible motor vehicle accident compensation outcome.

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