Shopping Centre Motor Vehicle Accident Pedestrian Wins Claim

Recently, the motor accident team here at Taylor & Scott led by Simon Meigan, Partner, Accredited Specialist and expert in motor accident claims, successfully completed a claim for a lady shopper.

Our client was wheeling her shopping trolley through the carpark of a large suburban shopping centre when a vehicle struck her trolley which in turn struck her. As a result of the accident, she suffered various injuries to her foot, abdomen, lower back and pelvis. The accident was reported to the Police and our client spent several days in hospital. She slowly recovered from the accident and was able to get back to work several months after her injury.

Our client contacted her Union who in turn suggested that she consult with the lawyers here at Taylor & Scott. Initially, our client saw David Hartstein who is an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury. He carefully reviewed the facts and circumstances of the accident in a Free Case Assessment with our client and advised her that she had a good case in negligence against the owner/driver of the motor vehicle and their greenslip insurer.

David then asked Simon Meigan, an expert in motor accidents involving pedestrians, to assist the client with the claim. Fortunately our client had made a reasonable recovery from her injuries and was able to return to her full time employment.

After fully investigating her claim and gathering all the expert evidence needed, Simon arranged an informal settlement conference with the greenslip insurer and was able to successfully negotiate a generous settlement package on behalf of his client.

If you or someone you know is injured in a carpark by a motor vehicle or through someone else’s negligence, they may have a valuable damages claim. For a Free Case Assessment, ring 1800 600 664 or complete the Contact Form on this page. Our expert team of highly qualified lawyers will do everything they can to ensure that you receive every dollar that you are entitled to. All work is done on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning if you don’t win your case, we don’t get paid. This is our “Guarantee” to you.

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