Fall into concrete tank leaves young worker badly injured

Our client was a young man who loved life. At school, and after leaving school, he lived an active life playing rugby league, cricket, golf, exercising at the gym and jogging. Life was good. He worked as a scaffolder six days week. His company had a contract on the Lower North Shore. He had been on site for a few weeks, working with the head contractor’s team and with the concrete form workers. At one point, he was instructed to go across a deck and fetch some equipment. As he walked over the deck disaster struck. He stepped onto some plywood which had not been secured. He tripped up and he fell three metres into a concrete holding tank. He was knocked out. When he came to, he was in serious pain. Fortunately, his cries for help were heard by other workers who came and extracted him from the tank. The accident should not have occurred. Those responsible for placing the plywood sheeting over the hole should have properly secured the sheet or should have placed warning signs or barriers around it. The accident has had a devastating effect on this young man. As a result of the accident, he has suffered fractures to his chest, ribs, back and neck. He is lucky to be alive and very lucky that he is not in a wheelchair, permanently.

Following treatment at the hospital, he was released home. Unfortunately, he shared a home with several mates who all worked. Realising that his recovery would be a long, slow and painful process, he returned home to his mum and dad who cared for him over many months. Over the next year, he underwent numerous physiotherapy sessions. He was in constant pain, particularly in his back and neck. He managed only a few hours’ sleep at night. Needless to say, he became quite depressed with his injuries. He was determined to try and get back into the workforce. Fortunately, he had a caring boss who, when he was certified fit for light duties, allowed him to come to the office three days a week. Thankfully, his mum and dad are very loving and supportive and do all the chores that he is unable to do. His future looked bleak. He needed to understand his rights and hopefully secure his future financially. He turned to the experts in workplace injuries here at Taylor & Scott Lawyers

How Taylor & Scott Lawyers assisted their client

Contact was made with Simon Meigan, Partner, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury and acknowledged as one of Sydney’s leading personal injury lawyers. Simon agreed to travel to his client’s home to receive instructions and provide advice. Meeting with his client and his client’s mum; Simon took very detailed instructions of the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident and the effect that the injuries have had on this young man.

Having taken detailed instructions, Simon was able to lay out a plan for his client with the object of securing maximum compensation for him. Simon advised that the head contractor, who had the overall control of the building site, had responsibility for the accident as well as the formwork company that had left the penetration unsecured. Because of the young age of the client, Simon recommended that the case be brought in the Supreme Court of NSW.

Over the next two years, Simon went about obtaining all the evidence that would be needed for the case. He obtained reports from all treatment providers who had assisted his client. He arranged for independent experts in rehabilitation, employment and orthopaedics to examine and report on his client. Their detailed reports would be used at the hearing of the case. Eventually, the case was ready to proceed. Fortunately, Simon was able to arrange for a settlement conference to take place with the lawyers for the two companies that had been sued. We are pleased to report that Simon secured a very substantial settlement for his client. This gave his client the financial security that he needed for the rest of his life. The settlement took into account the severe injuries suffered and the impact of these injuries on this young man. They also took into account all the financial losses, past, present and right up to retirement age, that this young man would suffer. The medical experts had suggested that he would probably need further surgery as he gets older. Simon ensured that monies were obtained to cover the cost of this surgery.

Simon was also able to secure a sum of money for the gratuitous services that his client’s mum and dad have provided to their son as a result of his injuries.

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