Children Injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents

Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident before 30th November 2017?

You can still get your personal injury claims in. Old laws apply to people injured before the new CTP Scheme kicked in on 1st December 2017, so don’t miss out on compensation.


Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident after 1st December 2017?

The new CTP Scheme that commenced on 1st December 2017, significantly affects motor accident compensation claims.


Here at Taylor & Scott, we have acted in many cases involving children, that is, young persons under 18 years of age.

When a child is injured in a motor vehicle accident, special care needs to be taken to ensure that every possible injury is properly investigated. We have had many cases where we have decided not to finalise the claim for several years. This has been done to ensure that any long term problems that may arise as a result of the injury suffered by the child can be monitored to ensure that long term effects are known before the claim is brought to resolution.

We have acted in cases where young children reach adulthood before proceedings are finalised. It is only through this very careful measured approach that we here at Taylor & Scott ensure that every injured child we act for receives maximum damages.

Children cannot bring proceedings in their own name. A “next friend” needs to be appointed to bring the proceedings. This is usually a parent or relative.

If damages are awarded, then usually a court must approve the settlement and the money is held in trust by a Government appointed agency, for example, the Protective Office, to ensure that the money is there for the benefit of the child for the rest of their lives.

We have acted for children who were injured in vehicles or as pedestrians. If you need assistance on behalf of a young child who was injured anywhere in NSW, you can rest assured that our expert team of lawyers here at Taylor & Scott will do whatever it takes, at whatever cost, to ensure maximum damages are achieved.

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