Personal Injury Insurance

Serious personal injuries aren’t an everyday occurrence, but it’s still important to have recourse for assistance when injuries are sustained. People require financial aid after motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, medical negligence, and many more situations where physical or psychological harm has occurred. Personal injury insurance provides funding for people on the mend, and Taylor & Scott Personal Injury Lawyers can help you with your claim for damages for a personal injury.

What is personal injury insurance?

A personal injury can occur anywhere, and taking out insurance is part of the equation. Public liability insurance offers greater peace of mind for individuals and organisations, particularly those who have a ‘duty of care’ to ensure the wellbeing of others. However, if a person is injured, the personal injury claim will need to satisfy the criteria of the negligent party’s insurer or legal team before damages will be awarded. Taylor & Scott Lawyers are well known negotiations experts with the legal know-how to achieve a winning public liability claim on your behalf.

Who needs public liability insurance?

Large organisations are expected to have public liability insurance in place to assist people who are injured while on-site or on duty. Public liability insurance provides essential support for those recovering from injury, while also protecting the interests of organisations or individuals. If you are considering making a personal injury insurance claim, Taylor & Scott  Lawyers are ready to assist.

In many insurance cases, a solicitor or other legal representative is part of the process required by law, and with specialist Taylor & Scott Personal Injury Lawyers on your side, the chances of a fast settlement and appropriate payout are improved. There are strict time frames for making insurance claims, so here are a few simple steps to make sure your personal injury claim is on track.

  1. Report the injury as soon as possible;
  2. Undertake treatment pathways for recovery from injuries;
  3. Seek legal advice from an accredited and experienced specialist;
  4. Commence your personal injury insurance claim.

Wherever possible, retain all records and evidence related to your personal injury. Once your claim is made, the insurer will make a decision based on legally binding rules, although it’s not uncommon for payouts to be disputed or even rejected outright. The advantage of having highly-regarded and knowledgeable legal expertise on your side can’t be overstated.

Cherry Picker fall - Negligence Claim

What is covered by public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers the financial burden of recovering from injury and establishing satisfactory quality of life. The compensation amount and purposing of the money will be determined by individual claim factors, with assistance that can include:

  • Cover for financial losses resulting from the injury;
  • Cover for medical and treatment costs associated with the injury;
  • Compensation for loss of future earning capacity;
  • Lifestyle, home and work alterations required as a result of the injury.

Here are just a few areas where we can help you achieve appropriate damages for personal injury claims.

Car and motor vehicle accidents: The rights you have for compensation are affected by any fault or part-fault in the accident. We will help you establish the facts and improve your chances of a successful personal injury insurance claim.

Medical negligence claims: Medical negligence is a complex area of law. For a successful claim, you will need to demonstrate that a medical professional or medical service provider failed in ‘duty of care’ obligations, or were negligent in their practices, resulting in a significant injury or impairment.

Public liability claims: Duty of care breaches are taken into consideration in public liability claims, so if you have suffered an injury at a public place due to the negligence of someone else, you may have a valid claim.

Product liability claims: Product liability hones-in on compensation claims related to injuries sustained from faulty products. If you require guidance and real representation, Taylor & Scott Personal Injury Lawyers have you covered.

How much does personal injury insurance cost?

Small business owners in NSW can expect to pay just over $80 per month for personal injury insurance. However, the costs can vary greatly according to the nature of the business, the size of the business, and the appropriate amount of insurance cover required. Personal injury insurance provides a financial safety net for everyone, and if an injury is sustained, a fast personal injury insurance resolution should be the aim.

Taylor & Scott Lawyers will guide you through the process and broach a fast settlement on your behalf if required. We establish your rights for adequate damages while also offering a ‘no-win no-fee’ policy in many personal injury insurance cases.

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