“Who should I choose … a solicitor or a conveyancer?”

If you are buying or selling property, you’ll need legal advice – and you’ll need it early. If you are selling a property, you will need a Contract of Sale before your agent can begin marketing your property. If you are purchasing a property, you should ask your legal advisor to check the Contract of Sale BEFORE you make an offer.

Conveyancing (the area of law that handles the sale and purchase of property) is handled by two different professions – conveyancers and solicitors. Both are trained experts in this area and for straight forward property transactions, they are equally good. However, if things are a little complicated the best advice is to engage a solicitor.

What are complicated property transactions?

Complicated property transactions are best handled by a solicitor because solicitors understand many aspects of law – not just conveyancing. Examples of complicated property transactions include:

  • Purchasing off the plan
  • Purchasing property as part of your self-managed super fund
  • Property transactions as part of a divorce, family trust or to pass on to your children
  • Land subdivisions

Solicitors are also invaluable if something goes wrong during the property transaction – either when selling or buying property.

Because of their expertise, solicitors can help identify and quickly resolve issues before they escalate. While conveyancers are well-trained, if aspects of the property transaction go pear-shaped, they may need to defer to the expertise of a solicitor.

An additional layer of expertise

Buying or selling a property are both stressful events. There’s a lot of money at stake, paperwork to handle and a million other things if you are dealing with the sale or purchase of your home. So engaging a solicitor, rather than a conveyancer, is like adding an additional layer of expertise and security to the whole transaction. That’s why we recommend you select a solicitor rather than a conveyancer.

At Taylor & Scott, our solicitors provide cost-effective conveyancing expertise with plain English explanations. Our fixed price conveyancing fees give you budget certainty as well as the additional support of knowing you are in expert hands throughout the transaction.

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