Doctor with patient

How Does Informed Consent Work in Medical Negligence?

Everyone has to see a medical professional at some point or the other. On occasion, you or a family member may be told by the doctor that you will require invasive tests or even surgery as part of the treatment. You wouldn’t agree to something you didn’t fully understand, and it’s your treating doctor’s responsibility…

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Family at the doctors

5 Common Questions about Medical Negligence Claims in Australia

Anyone could experience medical negligence at some point. If care provided by a healthcare professional (such as a doctor, nurse or surgeon) or organisation (such as a hospital) falls below a reasonable standard, leaving you with physical, mental or emotional loss or injuries, it is called medical negligence. As the patient at the receiving end…

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Dogman Loses Leg Negligence Claim Brought By Taylor & Scott

Recently, the litigation team at Taylor & Scott Lawyers completed a claim on behalf of a crane dogman who had his leg amputated below the knee when it was crushed by a falling steel frame. Our client was part of a team who were brought onto a factory site to assist in the dismantling and…

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Medical Negligence Claim From Brain Scan Misdiagnosis

David Hartstein, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury at Taylor & Scott reports. Our client had a CT scan of the brain 2003.  The radiologist failed to detect a brain tumour and reported that the scan was normal. Subsequently, our client developed severe headaches and underwent further scanning in 2009 which demonstrated the presence of tumours…

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Missed Diagnosis By Doctor Exposes Young Client To Near Death Experience

Our medical negligence team led by David Hartstein and Gervase Liddy recently concluded a claim brought on behalf of a young lady whose doctor failed to diagnose a severe kidney condition. Our client had been sick for weeks. Kept home from school by her parents, a doctor was called on several occasions to examine her….

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