Knocked From Pushbike, Million Dollar Settlement Achieved

Our client was an academic. He loved his work. He worked long hours and was determined to make it to the very top of his profession. One day he was riding his bicycle. In the process of riding through an intersection, a motor vehicle failed to give way and struck him. He was knocked from…

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courtesy bus passenger suffers serious injuries

Injuries From Riding Courtesy Bus Leads To Big Payout – Taylor & Scott

Our client lived in country NSW. Being in her early 80s, she was fiercely independent. She lived alone, enjoyed her garden, meeting friends and walking everywhere. She enjoyed visiting her local club to catch up with her friends. On this particular occasion, she was being driven home with others in the club’s courtesy bus. With…

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Car accident devastates rigger

Car Accident Devastates Rigger Client Living Overseas – Substantial Compensation Awarded

Recently, our experts in motor accident law, Simon Meigan and Michelle Meigan, assisted a client living overseas. Our client left school at an early age and had numerous jobs working as a labourer. At one point he secured work in the building industry and learnt to do the work of a rigger/dogman. He loved this…

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Car Accident Rear Ended Greenslip Insurer Dispute

Large Damages Payout After Greenslip Insurer Disputes Suggested Treatment

Our client was a retired lady living with her husband on the south coast of NSW. On this occasion she was a rear seat passenger in the family car being driven by her husband. She was wearing her seatbelt. Whilst waiting at a red light, a motor vehicle being driven by a young woman rear…

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School Student Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident

School Student Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident – Settlement Achieved

Our client was a secondary school student living with her family in country NSW. Following a motor vehicle accident, her mum and dad had approached their local family solicitor who recommended that Taylor & Scott should look after the case as they have a great deal of experience acting in motor accident cases and for…

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Infant injured in motor vehicle accident

Infant Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident Awarded Damages

Our client’s mum made an appointment to see our motor accident compensation specialist lawyers when she became dissatisfied with the lawyers she had previously retained. At the conference, our client advised that her young daughter had been a passenger in a motor vehicle being driven by her dad when it was involved in an accident….

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Motor Vehicle Accident Successful Claim

Shop Assistant’s Life Ruined as a Result of Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was a very loyal hardworking shop assistant working full time for one of the large supermarket chains. She enjoyed hard work and caring for her family. She did a lot around the home including mowing the lawn and washing her car as her husband worked away from home in the mining industry. Tragically…

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Motor Accident Contributory Negligence

Extremely Difficult Motor Accident Claim Success – Contributory Negligence

  FACTS OF MOTOR ACCIDENT INJURY CLAIM Our client was a front seat passenger in a motor vehicle being driven by his wife on a country road. It was late at night and our client and his wife had been to a hotel where alcohol had been consumed. Whilst driving home, our client’s wife lost…

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Motor Vehicle Accident - Driver on the Phone

Motor Car Accident Injures Driver, Negligent Driver of Vehicle Behind “On The Phone”

FACTS OF MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT Our client had been out socially with friends. He was headed home. As he drove along, he noticed the traffic lights up ahead were changing to red. He slowed down and came to a stop at the lights. A vehicle driven by a young lady was travelling in the same…

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Car Accident - Lucky to Survive

Project Manager Lucky to Survive Car Accident

  CAR ACCIDENT CLAIM Our client was on his way to work in his utility. He stopped at a set of traffic lights in order to make a right hand turn. Without warning, a truck crashed into the back of his vehicle, tossing it into the air and flipping it on its side. Fortunately the…

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Car Accident Compensation - Rear End Collision

Car Accident Compensation Awarded to Client Injured in Rear End Collision

Recently the motor accident compensation legal team here at Taylor & Scott successfully concluded a claim for a lady driver who was rear ended in a motor vehicle accident. Our client had been on maternity leave and had arranged to visit work with her new baby to agree upon a suitable date to return to…

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Injured In A Car Accident, Labourer Retrains As A Carer

Taylor & Scott, car accredited compensation lawyers, successfully concluded an unusual case for a builders labourer who was badly injured in a motor vehicle accident. As a result of his car accident, our client suffered injuries to his back and neck, resulting in a period of hospitalisation and a long rehabilitation programme. Due to his…

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Passenger in Car Accident Injured by Drunk Driver

Our motor accident legal team acted for a young man who had been drinking at a hotel with friends. Our client had separated from the friends for several hours.  Later that evening, he met up with one of the friends who offered him a lift home.  On the way home, the friend crashed his car. …

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Motor Vehicle Accidents-and-Psychological -njuries

Car Accident Compensation Awarded After Car Fails To Stop At Red Light

Our client was a passenger in a motor vehicle being driven by his friend. Having a green light, they proceeded into an intersection when another vehicle came through the intersection on their left failing to stop on the red light. Unluckily our client took the full force of the impact on the passenger side of…

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Car Accident Tragedy Strikes Young Mother With Baby Yet To Be Born

The car accident legal team at Taylor & Scott completed a very sad case for a pregnant young lady whose partner was tragically killed in a car accident. Our client’s partner was a passenger in a motor vehicle when the driver lost control of his car killing himself and our client’s partner. Since his death,…

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Son Killed In Car Accident Dad Suffers Psychological Injury – Seeks Car Accident Compensation

The car accident compensation legal team at Taylor & Scott acted for the father of a boy tragically killed in a car accident. The father has suffered psychological problems since his son’s death.  These included depression, nightmares, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and problems at work. A nervous shock claim was commenced by Simon Meigan, Partner,…

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Minor Car Accident Turns Into Major Injury Car Accident Compensation Claim

Taylor & Scott’s car accident compensation lawyers acted for a country lady who was badly injured in a motor vehicle accident. After stopping following a minor accident, her vehicle was struck from behind crushing her between her car and the guardrail on the side of the road. Our client had already had more than her…

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Insurance Brokers Suffers Serious Injuries In a Car Accident Hit By a Drunk Driver

Recently the car accident lawyers here at Taylor & Scott completed a car accident compensation claim for an insurance broker. Mr T was driving home from a long day at his office when a car collided with our client ‘HEAD ON’. The driver of the vehicle at fault was over the limit when tested by…

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Motor Bike Rider Hit By Car

Inattentive 4-Wheel Driver Destroys Technician’s Life

Our client was a service technician sent out by his boss to do a job on a building site. In order to access the site, he had to walk down a pathway. Whilst doing so, a 4-wheel drive came along the pathway and struck our client. The driver admitted that he wasn’t keeping a proper…

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Loss Of Brother In Car Accident Devastates Older Sister

Recently, the litigation team here at Taylor & Scott acted for a lady whose younger brother was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. The family was extremely close. The accident has had a devastating effect on our client who continues to suffer to this day. There is not a day goes by when our…

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Freak Accident In Family Car Devastates Young Woman

Our client was heading to work as a painter and decorator in a country town. Riding his motorcycle, he was struck by a car which failed to stop and give way at a Stop sign. Our client was thrown from his bike and suffered serious injury to his hip. A period of hospitalisation and rehabilitation…

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Elderly Passenger In Country NSW Suffers Serious Injuries At Intersection In Car Accident

Our client was an elderly passenger in her husband’s motor vehicle when it came into collision with another vehicle at an intersection in a country town in NSW. At the time, our client’s husband was driving her to visit a specialist in the town. As a result of the accident, our client suffered serious injuries…

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