Motor vehicle accident motorbike

Motorbike Rider Seriously Injured in Accident – Substantial Damages Awarded

Our client worked in the security industry. On this day, he was riding his motorbike to work when a car travelling in the opposite direction turned across his path seriously injuring our client. In the accident, he was knocked unconscious, received numerous injuries to his wrist, arm, elbow, shoulder, knee, ribs, back and a punctured…

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Motor Bike Rider Hit By Car

Motorbike Rider Hit by Car – It Pays to Get Expert Legal Advice Before Settlement

  FACTS OF MOTOR ACCIDENT CASE Our client was a carpenter who was riding his motorbike one weekend when a car pulled out into his path causing him to be thrown from his bike onto the bonnet of the motor vehicle. As a result of the car driver’s negligence, our client suffered injuries to his…

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Motorcycle Accident Successful Claim

Motorcycle Accident Rider Seeks Accident Compensation Out of Time

Motorcycle Accident Facts Our client came from Chile. Having completed his shift at work, he was heading home. A vehicle travelling behind him struck our client throwing him from his motorcycle. In the motorcycle accident, he was thrown about seventy metres down the road. Fortunately our client was wearing full leathers, a full face helmet…

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Harley Davidson Motor Accident Claim

Motorcycle Accident To Postie – Compensation Awarded

Our client is a Postie who was knocked from her bike by a car that turned across her path.  In the motorcycle accident, she suffered fractures to her collarbone, pelvis and several lacerations to her leg. Following surgery, there was a period of intense rehabilitation.  Over time, our client gradually built up her strength and…

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Motorcycle Accident Rider “T-Boned” By Motor Vehicle

Our client had spent a long day at work as a plant operator. Having completed his shift, he was heading home to his family. A motor vehicle came from a side street on his left, failed to give way and “t-boned” our client on his motorbike. Luckily our client survived but was left with a…

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French Tourist Injured In Motorcycle Accident Taylor & Scotts Car Accident Lawyers Secure Substantial Compensation

Our car accident compensation team of lawyers assisted a French tourist who had come to Australia on a working holiday. Our client had obtained a job and had purchased a motorbike to get to and from work. Riding to work one morning, he was struck by a car which had run a red light. In…

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Motorcyclist Suffers Broken Hip When Struck By A Car Which Failed To Stop At Stop Sign

Our client was heading to work as a painter and decorator in a country town. Riding his motorcycle, he was struck by a car which failed to stop and give way at a Stop sign. Our client was thrown from his bike and suffered serious injury to his hip. A period of hospitalisation and rehabilitation…

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Sunday Ride Ends In Disaster

Recently, Taylor & Scott acted for a lady who was a pillion passenger on her husband’s motorbike. Both are very experienced motorbike riders – he as a driver and she as a pillion passenger. During a Sunday afternoon ride, a truck they were following braked suddenly (it had no brake light illuminated) and in order…

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