TPD claim rejected: Client abandoned by previous lawyers turn to Taylor & Scott seeking help

Our client came to Australia twenty years ago. He spoke very little English. He worked as a kitchen hand, briefly, and then secured labouring work in the construction industry. The work was hard, physical work. He was required to work a six-day week lifting and carrying heavy timbers and scaffolding components. By the end of…

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Worn Out Concrete Labourer – Successful Workers Compensation and TPD Claim

Our client worked in the concrete industry as a labourer. He had spent a lifetime doing extremely heavy work.  His day involved physically demanding tasks including shovelling, pouring and finishing concrete, wheeling wheelbarrows full of concrete, bending, lifting, twisting and squatting. A few years ago, he started to feel symptoms of pain in his back….

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Employee Receives Payout Following Fall On Icy Steps – Taylor & Scott

Our client has spent his life labouring in the construction industry. On this particular morning, it was very cold and icy. A team of men had been sent to the roof of a new construction to continue with the work. At one point, our client was directed to climb down from the roof using the…

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TPD claim won by Ray McClenahan

Another TPD claim won by Ray McClenahan – Expert in TPD claims here at Taylor & Scott Lawyers

Recently Ray McClenahan, Partner, Accredited Specialist and expert in TPD claims, was successful in prosecuting a TPD claim against two super funds and their insurers in respect to an injured maintenance worker. Ray’s client suffered an injury to his lower back, legs and feet whilst performing heavy maintenance work for his employer. As part of…

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Injured Worker Turns turns to Taylor and Scott After Claim Rejected

Injured Worker Turns to TPD Experts at Taylor & Scott When Claim Rejected

Recently, Michelle Meigan, Senior Associate and expert in TPD claims here at Taylor & Scott, acted for a client who had attempted to make a TPD claim by himself without legal assistance. Michelle’s client had suffered a very serious injury to his back when he had worked in the construction industry. He had been required…

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TPD Claim by Shop Assistant Successful Large Payout Follows

Our client worked for many years as a shop assistant for a large supermarket chain. She loved her work and enjoyed the social contact with fellow staff and shoppers alike. Having finished a long day at the supermarket, she was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident when a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction…

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Plant Operator’s Fall From Machine Leads to Amputation of Leg and Large TPD Payout

Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited Specialist, recently completed a TPD claim for one of his clients. Back in the 90s, Ray’s client slipped as he exited a backhoe he was operating. Upon landing on the ground, he felt immediate pain in his right ankle. Little did he know that what seemed like a relatively minor…

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Injured Formwork Carpenter-Saved-by-Successful-TPD-Claim.jpg

Injured Formwork Carpenter Saved by Successful Total and Permanent Disability Claim

Our client was a formwork carpenter. He migrated from South America speaking very little English. Upon arrival, he secured work in the construction industry as a labourer and learnt the trade of formwork carpenter. He married and has a loving wife and children. His work as a formwork carpenter is extremely heavy. He is required…

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Workers Compensation Success: Bricklayer Wins Substantial TPD Claim – Unaware of His Entitlement

Our client was a bricklayer. Upon leaving school at 16, he went straight into the bricklaying game. For the next forty years he worked laying bricks. During the course of the last several years, he started developing severe pains in his elbows and shoulders. He put up with the pain and tried to carry on….

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TPD Claim Knee Injury at Supermarket

TPD Success: Delicatessen Assistant Awarded Lump Sum

Our client was employed by one of the large supermarket chains here in Sydney.  She had worked diligently for her employer for many years.  One day she was lifting a large container of produce from a trolley with the intention of placing the produce in a refrigerated display cabinet.  As she stepped forward to do…

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TPD claim polyarthritis & allergic reaction

Large TPD Payout Secured For Client by Ray McClenahan

Our client lived in country New South Wales and worked in the state public service. A few years ago, she developed severe polyarthritis and a depressive psychiatric condition. At one time, she was receiving injections for her arthritis and suffered a severe allergic reaction to the injections. The result was a form of paralysis of…

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Knee Amputation TPD Claim

Above Knee Amputation Leads to TPD Claim

Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, recently concluded a TPD claim for a longstanding client of his. Ray’s client was a labourer working in the construction industry. Many years ago, he had sought Ray’s assistance in a workers compensation claim when he suffered an injury to his shoulder. At that time Ray…

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TPD after Initial Knock Back

Client Wins TPD Claim After Being Initially Knocked Back by The Insurance Company

Our client was in his 50s and had spent his whole working life employed as a rigger dogman when he suffered a severe injury at work. This crush injury to his arm led to multiple operations and a long period of rehabilitation. He was determined to try and get back to his old job. He…

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Income Protection Policy

Insurance Company’s Attempt to Escape Liability Under Income Protection Policy Defeated

TAYLOR & SCOTT SECURES LARGE PAYOUT FOR THEIR CLIENT Our client was a young married man with a family. He worked in the electrical industry operating his own business. Appreciating the need to make sure he had proper financial cover should he ever suffer an injury or an illness, he took out a policy of…

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TPD Successful Claim

TPD Claim Successful When Employer Placed in Liquidation

Our client, Mr W, was employed as a pipe layer and supervisor. Doing this employment, he sustained a serious injury to his back when he was required to move an oxygen gas bottle at work weighing more than 86kgs. The injury suffered by Mr W resulted in a long period off work, two back surgeries…

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What happens to Inheritance in a Property Settlement

Serious Heart Condition

TPD CLAIM SUCCESSFUL Recently Michelle Meigan, Associate at Taylor & Scott and an expert in TPD claims, acted for a labourer who was forced to cease work at the age of 60 due to a serious heart condition.  Her client’s medical advisers had told him not to return to any form of manual labouring work….

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Car accident devastates rigger

TPD Insurance Claim Brought By House Painter

Michelle Meigan, an expert in TPD Insurance and TPD Claims, recently completed a TPD claim for a painter. Michelle’s client had suffered a serious injury to his neck when lifting a heavy ladder at work. As a result of the injury, her client needed surgery and was unable to return to his occupation as a…

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Income Protection Insurance Claim

Income Protection Insurance Claim Successful After Court Action

Our client brought an Income Protection Insurance Claim having suffered serious injuries to his back, hips and knees whilst working as a spray painter and sand blaster. He had an income protection insurance policy which agreed to pay the difference between workers compensation payments and 100% of his normal weekly wage for a period of…

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Damages payout following fall at work

TPD Insurance Claim Succeeds for Shop Assistant

Our client worked as a shop assistant. She spent many hours on her feet packing boxes, stocking shelves, sweeping, mopping and cleaning. After many years, she suffered from chronic pain in her shoulders, neck and back. She was worn out. Unsure of what to do, she consulted Michelle Meigan here at Taylor & Scott Lawyers…

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TPD Claim Succeeds Even Though Worker Continues To Work

Recently Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury at Taylor & Scott who heads our TPD Department, brought a very unusual TPD claim on behalf of one of his clients. Mr M worked in the construction industry all of his life. As a result of injuries received at work to his neck, shoulder…

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Medical Treatment Visa Application Successful

Successful tpd claim brought by injured worker

Ray McClenahan, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, who also heads our TPD Department at Taylor & Scott, reports on a very happy ending. Ray reported: “Paul came to see me with a compensation claim. He was in his 50’s and had suffered a variety of injuries over the years. He needed a knee reconstruction and…

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