probate estate

Successful Family Provision Claim for Devastated Son Cut Out of Father’s Will

Our client is one of three children. As a child he suffered from cerebral palsy. Leg calipers were needed for several years in order for him to learn to walk. School was a struggle and our client left having obtained his Intermediate Certificate. A trade qualification followed. Our client’s father was a heavy drinker. He…

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Wills and estate success

Dodgy Claim Brought by Deceased’s Nephew Defeated by Our Wills and Estate Team

Our client was the only son and beneficiary of his mother’s estate. The estate consisted of a home. Upon the death of his mum (his dad having died several years before), our client gathered his children together and invited his cousin to also meet with him following the funeral. He read the will of his…

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Will Dispute De Facto Partner

Death of De Facto Partner Leads to Family Provision Claim for Surviving Partner Cut Out of Will

Recently our team of experts in family provision matters, led by Evelyn Gardis, a Partner here at Taylor & Scott, acted for a lady who was in her early 90s. Our client had been in a de facto relationship with her partner for more than fifteen years. They had lived happily in country NSW. Our…

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Will Dispute Same Sex Couple

Same Sex Couple Will Dispute & How Taylor & Scott Helped

Our client first met his partner in the early 1980s. At this time he was a young man living with his family overseas. Having left school, he continued to correspond with his much older Australian friend who came to visit him on several occasions. Eventually the older friend invited our client to visit him in…

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Successful Claim Brought By Nephew Against Great Uncle’s Estate

Taylor & Scott recently acted for a client in a Supreme Court claim for provision out of his late great-uncle’s estate. Our client had always been very close to his great-uncle, particularly as relations within his immediate family had been strained, and at times traumatic. He had been obliged to leave home at the age…

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