Falling Steel Plate – Foot Amputation Large Compensation Payout Secured

Our client was a formwork carpenter who after many years in the construction industry decided to retrain as a crane rigger and dogman. His employer sent him to work on various construction sites. At the time of his accident, he had been working on a large commercial building site in the Sydney CBD. On this…

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Lifetime of Heavy Lifting Results in Permanent Back Injury Large Payout Secured for Migrant Worker

Our client migrated to Australia in the early 70s. With a young family to support, he secured employment with a scaffolding and plant hire company. Over the next several years, his work required him to continually bend, lift and carry heavy scaffolding, construction equipment and materials. Never one to complain; by the end of the…

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Defective Seat Causes Serious Back Injury, Large Compensation Payout

Our client was educated to Year 10. Having left school, he obtained various labouring jobs in the building and construction industry. Eventually, he secured employment driving dump trucks. His job required him to drive up to ten hours a day over very rough terrain. The seating in the dump truck was a specialised pneumatic design….

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Factory workers

Labourer Suffers Injury At Work, Gets Compensation – Taylor & Scott

Our client is a young labourer. He was working for a labour-hire company. On this particular occasion, he had been sent to work for a “host employer” that handled the recycling of heavy-duty batteries. The batteries were very heavy, weighing approximately 80kgs each. Our client was required to lift these very heavy batteries by himself…

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Fall at Work in Factory, Process Worker Turns to Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers for Advice and Assistance

Our client immigrated from overseas in the 70’s. On arrival, she set about securing employment, learning English and bringing up her young family. She was able to obtain a job as a process worker which meant working very long hours on a process line.  For the last twenty-six years, she worked for one company. She…

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Fall in supermarket

Supermarket Fall Leads To Large Compensation – Taylor & Scott

Our client worked in a permanent part-time position as a shop assistant with a large supermarket chain. On this particular day, she had entered the store to clock-on for work. As she walked through the store, she turned to acknowledge a greeting from her boss. As she said her hellos, she unfortunately stood on a…

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Shop Assistant Suffers Serious Knee Injury

Shop Assistant Suffers Serious Knee Injury
Work Injury Damages Claim Successful

Our client lived and worked in country NSW. She was employed by a large supermarket chain. Her permanent part-time work required her to assist in the unloading of boxes from pallets delivered to the store. On the day of her accident, a large delivery of cartons had been dropped on a wooden pallet at the…

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Trip & Fall Workers Compensation

Trip Over Cartons on Floor Results in Sacking and Workers Compensation Payout

FACTS OF COMPENSATION CLAIM Our client is a single lady working for a large supermarket chain. She is a hardworking loyal employee who has worked for her company for many years. On this particular occasion, our client had volunteered to work over the Christmas/New Year period. Having completed her duties in the particular section she…

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Work Injury Damages Claim Burns from Explosion

Severe Burns From Chemical Explosion Worker Secures Compensation Payout

Our client left school at an early age. His education was very poor and he has had great difficulty reading and writing. Fortunately, his family were able to assist him with employment. For many years, he worked as a driveway attendant at a petrol station.  Eventually, the petrol station was sold and so our client…

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Construction Site Dogman Tower Crane Fall

Fall Onto Concrete Through Penetration Destroys Young Dogman’s Career

Our client was a young, physically fit dogman who loved working on building sites in and around cranes. He had successfully obtained a number of tickets which allowed him to work on mobile cranes and in a rigging crew which involved him in the erection and dismantling of tower cranes on building sites. On this…

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Injured Shoulder Bricklayer

Bricklayer Suffers Serious Shoulder Injury When Boss Ignores Plea to “Slow Down”

Our client was a bricklayer who had spent a lifetime laying bricks and blocks. On this particular day, he was assisting his boss in the dismantling of a scaffold that the bricklaying team had been working on. The boss was higher up on the scaffold and he was required to pass down to our client…

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Fall from Scaffold – Worker Receives Large Payout

Fall from Scaffold – Worker Receives Large Payout

Our client was a Scaffolder. He had left school in Year 9 as he was dyslexic and had great difficulty reading. He spent his life doing heavy manual work but did manage to obtain a number of work tickets, such as operating forklifts, scaffolding, dogman, working at heights and in confined spaces. His job required…

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Country-solicitor- request-help-with-stress

Country Solicitor Requests Taylor & Scott’s Help with a Client’s Bullying, Stress, Anxiety and Depression Negligence Claim

Here at Taylor & Scott, we are on occasion called on to assist country solicitors with complex negligence claims. We are happy to assist in these cases and always ensure that following completion of our work, the client is returned to the care of the country solicitor. In this particular case, we were contacted by…

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Lady Traffic Controller-Receives-Large-Work-Injury-Damages

Stop/Go Lady Traffic Controller Receives Large Work Injury Damages Payout

Our client was employed by a company performing traffic control duties. Her company had a contract to undertake roadworks in various parts of New South Wales. On many occasions, our client worked through the night performing her duties. On this particular evening she was performing her traffic control duties on the Hume Highway. Her duties…

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Multimillion Dollar Settlement – Results From Roof Fall

Our work injury negligence team led by Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, recently secured a multimillion dollar settlement for an injured worker. The client had climbed onto a roof to carry out the re-roofing of a factory. He had been advised by his employer that another company had been contracted to…

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railway workers

Railway Demolition Results in Serious Leg Injury and Large Negligence Payout

Our client worked as a labourer in the construction industry. His employer had loaned him out to other companies who were engaged in the demolition and renovation of railway stations in the Sydney region. Each day our client would attend work and be given instructions as to what his work would be for that day….

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Motor Vehicle Acc

Construction Worker Injured at Coal Mine Receives Large Settlement Payout

Our client was a formwork carpenter by trade.  He had spent his entire working life working on the tools doing very heavy manual work.  This work involved lifting and carrying large timbers, formwork and working at heights.  With a partner and young children to support, he finally secured employment in the coal mines in country…

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Work Injury Damages Abused Cleaner

Abusive Boss Taken To The Cleaners

Our client is a single mum. She has always been there for her child making sure there is food on the table and a loving caring home environment to grow up in.   As her child grew older, mum wanted to get back into the workforce on a part-time basis. Being an unskilled worker, she…

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Supermarket Shop Assistant Workers Compensation

Shop Assistant Wins Damages After Being Injured at Supermarket

Recently, the work injury damages team here at Taylor & Scott led by Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, successfully concluded a claim for a shop assistant working for a large supermarket chain. Our client is a middle aged lady who was required to do a large amount of heavy lifting and…

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Work injury safety glasses

Worker Receives Settlement After Suffering a Severe Eye Injury That Could Have Been Prevented

Our client was a formworker. He was working on the renovation of a building on the south coast. His job entailed working at heights using hammers to nail timbers, crowbars and circular saws. It is dangerous hard work but our client loved his job. On this site, the workers had complained to their boss that…

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Rigger crushed by panel

Rigger Crushed by Panel Receives Large Damages Payout

Recently Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Claims, successfully completed a negligence case in the District Court. Our client was a rigger who was sent by his company to a worksite to assist another company who had the job of placing large noise reduction panels on the side of a roadway. When…

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Tower Crane workers compensation

Tower Crane Loses Control of Load – Worker Suffers Crush Injuries & Wins Large Payout

WORKERS COMPENSATION SUCCESS STORY Our client worked for a formwork company who were contracted to construct formwork on a building site. On this day as our client carried out his duties, a crane was slewing a load nearby. As the load was slewed the crane lost control of the load crushing our client. As a…

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Carpenter Back Injury

Carpenter Required to Lift Heavy Door Frames Suffers Severe Back Injury

SUCCESSFUL DAMAGES CLAIM AGAINST HEAD CONTRACTOR Our client was a carpenter who worked for a labour hire company. His employer would send him out to work for various other contractors who needed carpenters for limited periods of time. On this occasion, he was sent to assist a contractor who had a contract to replace all…

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Work Injury Compensation

Road Worker’s Fall Leads to Million Dollar Compensation Payout

Our client worked in construction mainly concentrating on steel fixing associated with concrete barriers. His employer sub-contracted to other construction companies. On this particular job, he was involved in the construction of concrete safety barriers along a roadway. On the site, our client took directions from the head contractor who usually gave him daily directions…

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Work Injury Concreter Wet Conditions

Uncaring Boss’ Actions Lead to Large Work Injury Damages Payout to Injured Worker

Our client was a concreter by occupation with very limited education. He had spent his entire working life doing heavy manual work. He and fellow employees had been assisting in the breaking up of concrete slabs in order for another company to lay new cabling. The work was very heavy but manageable as a machine…

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Injury Quad Bike

Stable Hand Injured Whilst Riding “Dodgy” Quad Bike

Our client was a young female stable hand working at a riding school. She loved horses. Her days were long and involved a lot of heavy work including the cleaning out of the stables, exercising and grooming the horses. One of her jobs was to move various horses from one paddock to the other. To…

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Compensation for Scaffolder

Kiwi Scaffolder Compensated for Unsafe System of Work

Our client was a Kiwi scaffolder/labourer. He was used to hard work and had a very high tolerance to pain. Working for a labour hire company, he had been sent by the company to work on a high rise building where a substantial amount of maintenance work was needed. Part of his job was to…

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Labourer Wins Damages

Labourer Wins Damages for Serious Back Injury

Our client ‘John’ worked in the construction game doing heavy labouring work. Unfortunately, he had a limited education because of learning difficulties and accordingly, had only been able to do labouring type jobs since he left school. Working on a building site, he was required to carry a machine up a ladder. The machine was…

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Negligent Work Practices

Labourer Severely Injured Due to Employer’s Negligent Work Practices

The work injury damages team here at Taylor & Scott recently successfully concluded a negligence case for a labourer who was severely injured on a building site. Our client was required to cut, lift and carry sheets of reinforcing steel mesh. On this particular day, a load of steel mesh was delivered to the building…

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Maintenance carpenter work injury damages claim

Nurse Catches Patient Suffers Severe Back Injury

The work injury damages team here at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers recently resolved a negligence claim on behalf of a nurse.   Our client was asked to assist another nurse lift a patient from a very low chair back into bed.  The patient was a very large heavy man.  No mobile lifting device was…

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