Refugee Escaping Conflict Suffers Serious Injury in Work Accident

Our client is a young man who came to Australia as a refugee.  His English was very poor but he was determined to build himself a new life away from conflict.  Eventually, our Government gave permission for him to work.  Having had experience in his native country in the construction industry, he sought employment working…

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Lifetime of Heavy Lifting Results in Permanent Back Injury Large Payout Secured for Migrant Worker

Our client migrated to Australia in the early 70s. With a young family to support, he secured employment with a scaffolding and plant hire company. Over the next several years, his work required him to continually bend, lift and carry heavy scaffolding, construction equipment and materials. Never one to complain; by the end of the…

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Struck in Back by Metal Pipe – Labourer Wins Substantial Damages

Our client was employed by a labour-hire company who then sent him out to work for various construction companies. On this occasion, he had been sent to assist a demolition company who had the contract to demolish a building in the Sydney CBD. At one point, he had been using oxy equipment to cut through…

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Worn Out Concrete Labourer – Successful Workers Compensation and TPD Claim

Our client worked in the concrete industry as a labourer. He had spent a lifetime doing extremely heavy work.  His day involved physically demanding tasks including shovelling, pouring and finishing concrete, wheeling wheelbarrows full of concrete, bending, lifting, twisting and squatting. A few years ago, he started to feel symptoms of pain in his back….

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Run in with boss results in back injury and successful work injury damages claim

Our client was a labourer and machine operator working for a company in country NSW. His work involved operating excavators and dump trucks. The work was reasonably light, and our client loved his job. At one point our client came into a verbal conflict with one of the company’s foremen. Believing that he was being…

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Employee Receives Payout Following Fall On Icy Steps – Taylor & Scott

Our client has spent his life labouring in the construction industry. On this particular morning, it was very cold and icy. A team of men had been sent to the roof of a new construction to continue with the work. At one point, our client was directed to climb down from the roof using the…

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Factory workers

Labourer Suffers Injury At Work, Gets Compensation – Taylor & Scott

Our client is a young labourer. He was working for a labour-hire company. On this particular occasion, he had been sent to work for a “host employer” that handled the recycling of heavy-duty batteries. The batteries were very heavy, weighing approximately 80kgs each. Our client was required to lift these very heavy batteries by himself…

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Fall at Work in Factory, Process Worker Turns to Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers for Advice and Assistance

Our client immigrated from overseas in the 70’s. On arrival, she set about securing employment, learning English and bringing up her young family. She was able to obtain a job as a process worker which meant working very long hours on a process line.  For the last twenty-six years, she worked for one company. She…

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Workers Compensation Lifting Injury

Series of Lifting Injuries at Work Results in Workers Compensation Lump Sum Payout

FACTS Our client worked as a picker/packer for a large supermarket chain. His job involved him constantly bending and lifting boxes weighing from 10-20 kgs. His wife and four children are all dependent on him. During the course of his work, he has suffered a number of lifting injuries which have resulted in permanent injuries…

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Personal Injury Claim Lifting Injury

Lifting Box From Overhead Shelf Leads to Life of Pain and Misery for Shop Assistant

Our client has spent a lifetime working as a shop assistant for a leading supermarket chain.  Her job involves a mixture of physical work by way of assisting customers and managerial work supervising others. On one occasion, our client was assisting a shopper. She needed to climb a ladder and retrieve a box from a…

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Negligence Claim Hand Injury

Shop Assistant Suffers Serious Hand Injury – Successful Lump Sum Compensation and Negligence Claim

Our client was a shop assistant working for one of the large supermarket chains. At this time, she was working at a check-out register serving a customer. The register conveyor belt was faulty. At one point it moved forward causing an item to fall from the conveyor. Our client tried to save the item from…

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Trip & Fall Workers Compensation

Trip Over Cartons on Floor Results in Sacking and Workers Compensation Payout

FACTS OF COMPENSATION CLAIM Our client is a single lady working for a large supermarket chain. She is a hardworking loyal employee who has worked for her company for many years. On this particular occasion, our client had volunteered to work over the Christmas/New Year period. Having completed her duties in the particular section she…

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Supermarket Employee Bullied & Harassed Successful Compensation Claim

Supermarket Employee Bullied And Harassed Wins Negligence Claim

Our client was employed at a supermarket. Over the years, she had worked hard and was promoted. She loved her job and enjoyed working. Once her children had grown up and left home, she was able to take on an evening role at the supermarket and again received a further promotion. At one point in…

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Negligence Success Story Bricklayer Serious Injuries

Serious Injuries to Bricklayer Brings an End to Lifetime of Laying Bricks

Our client spent the whole of his working life laying bricks. He loved his work. Even though he was well past retirement age, he just loved to go to work and build.   On this particular day, he was instructed by his boss to assist a team to build a wall. It was a windy…

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Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and Harassment at Place of Work Leads to Negligence Claim and Substantial Damages Payout

Our client worked for a Government department here in NSW. She was a hard worker and committed to her job. Unfortunately, she suffered from a medical disability which did not prevent her from performing her duties. Arriving at a new place of employment, she began to experience episodes of ridicule and harassment because of her…

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Work Injury Damages Claim Burns from Explosion

Severe Burns From Chemical Explosion Worker Secures Compensation Payout

Our client left school at an early age. His education was very poor and he has had great difficulty reading and writing. Fortunately, his family were able to assist him with employment. For many years, he worked as a driveway attendant at a petrol station.  Eventually, the petrol station was sold and so our client…

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Construction Site Dogman Tower Crane Fall

Fall Onto Concrete Through Penetration Destroys Young Dogman’s Career

Our client was a young, physically fit dogman who loved working on building sites in and around cranes. He had successfully obtained a number of tickets which allowed him to work on mobile cranes and in a rigging crew which involved him in the erection and dismantling of tower cranes on building sites. On this…

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Injured Shoulder Bricklayer

Bricklayer Suffers Serious Shoulder Injury When Boss Ignores Plea to “Slow Down”

Our client was a bricklayer who had spent a lifetime laying bricks and blocks. On this particular day, he was assisting his boss in the dismantling of a scaffold that the bricklaying team had been working on. The boss was higher up on the scaffold and he was required to pass down to our client…

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Dozer Operator Suffers Devastating Knee Injury

Dozer Operator Suffers Devastating Knee Injury

Our client left school at age 14 with very little education. A lifetime of operating heavy machinery such as dozers and scrappers followed. Having secured work with a large civil contractor, he was sent to a coal mine to assist in the opening up of a new mine in country New South Wales. The work…

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After 48 Years of Labouring “Bob” Turns to Taylor & Scott for Advice and Help with His Compo Claim

Our client “Bob”, has spent his entire working life employed in the building industry working as a builder’s labourer. His jobs have involved kneeling whilst helping with concreting and levelling, patching work, jackhammering, bending, squatting, tying steel bars, walking over steel mesh, carrying and lifting. Bob was on his feet all day every day. Several…

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Work injury safety glasses

Worker Receives Settlement After Suffering a Severe Eye Injury That Could Have Been Prevented

Our client was a formworker. He was working on the renovation of a building on the south coast. His job entailed working at heights using hammers to nail timbers, crowbars and circular saws. It is dangerous hard work but our client loved his job. On this site, the workers had complained to their boss that…

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Gyprock Fixer’s Severe Back Injury Leads to Failed Back Surgery and Damages Payout

Our client is a relatively young man working in the construction industry as a gyprock fixer. He was part of a gyprock fixing team working on a hospital renovation. The team were instructed to fix gyprock panels to various walls. Scaffolding was provided but unfortunately no thought had been given by the employer as to…

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Compensation Payout Rigger Dogman

Fall at Work Destroys Rigger Dogman’s Employment – Large Damages Payout Secured

Our client is in his late 40s. He has always worked doing hands-on hard physical yakka. Working an average of 60 hours per week, he was earning big money as a rigger dogman in the construction industry. His world fell apart when he suffered severe injuries at work. Working on a construction site, our client…

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Worn Out Brickie Succeeds in Workers Compensation Lump Sum Claim

Our client has spent his lifetime laying bricks. He was a “gun” bricklayer laying several hundred bricks a day. He has spent nearly fifty years constantly bending, lifting and carrying bricks. He has been on his feet up to ten hours a day. In 2014, he started suffering pain in his knee and thigh. He…

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Back Injury Supermarket Night Filler

Casual Nightfiller Injures Back – Lump Sum Compensation Awarded

Our client was a casual nightfiller at a supermarket. Her job involved working through the night filling the shelves with grocery items. Prior to our client’s injury, the procedure adopted by the supermarket was to break down the boxes and place individual items on the shelving. At one point, our client’s supervisor instructed that from…

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Injured Steelworker

Injured Steelworker Obtains Substantial Settlement for Several Injuries at Steelworks

Our client worked in the steelworks. He had always worked doing labouring type jobs and had managed to start training as a crane operator. The steelworks is a dangerous environment. On several occasions, our client suffered injuries to various parts of his body. On one occasion he stepped into a blob of grease and fell,…

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Workers compensation needlestick injury

Needlestick Injury Leads to Worker’s Major Depressive Illness

LONG FIGHT TO SECURE WORKERS COMPENSATION ENTITLEMENTS Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, has recently secured substantial workers compensation payments to a client who suffered a needlestick injury at work. Ray’s client was working in the building industry for a company where he was required to assist in the pumping of water…

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Knee Injury Compensation

Lifetime of Labouring Results in Three Compensation Claims

Our client worked in the construction industry all of his working life. He usually worked around sixty hours per week. Over the last fifteen years, he had suffered a number of injuries and noticed that his physical condition was deteriorating. In the early 2000s, he injured his knee. He consulted Ray McClenahan, Partner and Accredited…

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Fall Down Stairs At Work Leads To Psychological Problems

Kimberley Becker, Associate at Taylor & Scott, reports. Recently I acted for a lady who fell down a flight of stairs at work. As a result of the fall, she suffered a severe injury to her ankle. Following two bouts of hospitalisation and surgery, she developed a regional pain syndrome which has resulted in a…

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Injured Worker’s Long Fight With Government Department Employer Finally Succeeds

Ray McClenahan, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury at Taylor & Scott, recently concluded a claim for an injured government department worker. Mr D had worked for this department for most of his adult lifetime and had unfortunately suffered a number of injuries during his employment there. The insurance company had played “hard ball” cutting off…

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Shop Assistant “Bullied And Harassed” Wins Weekly Workers Compensation Payments And Medical Expenses

Recently, Kimberley Becker, Associate at Taylor & Scott, finalised a claim for a shop assistant. Our client had worked for a large supermarket chain for several years. Originally she worked the night shift, finishing work around midnight. Fortunately her husband had been able to change his shifts at his employment to the nightshift so he…

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