Doctor with patient

How Does Informed Consent Work in Medical Negligence?

Everyone has to see a medical professional at some point or the other. On occasion, you or a family member may be told by the doctor that you will require invasive tests or even surgery as part of the treatment. You wouldn’t agree to something you didn’t fully understand, and it’s your treating doctor’s responsibility…

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Family at the doctors

5 Common Questions about Medical Negligence Claims in Australia

Anyone could experience medical negligence at some point. If care provided by a healthcare professional (such as a doctor, nurse or surgeon) or organisation (such as a hospital) falls below a reasonable standard, leaving you with physical, mental or emotional loss or injuries, it is called medical negligence. As the patient at the receiving end…

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How Do You Claim Negligence Against a Nurse?

According to numbers released by The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) in late 2015, there are a total of 331,000 registered nurses and midwives in Australia. And, New South Wales is home to the most nurses with 79,004. We trust these medical professionals with our medical treatment. We put our care and that of…

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Personal Injury Compensation Lawyers

What Must Be Disclosed In A Medical Negligence Claim?

When you go to a professional for advice, that’s exactly what you expect. Professionals working in skilled and specialised professions, from accountants and engineers to doctors, owe their clients a duty to act with reasonable care and skill. When a professional fails in this duty it is referred to as professional negligence and a client…

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