Lifetime of Heavy Lifting Results in Permanent Back Injury Large Payout Secured for Migrant Worker

Our client migrated to Australia in the early 70s. With a young family to support, he secured employment with a scaffolding and plant hire company. Over the next several years, his work required him to continually bend, lift and carry heavy scaffolding, construction equipment and materials. Never one to complain; by the end of the…

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Bullied miner

Workplace Harrassment Results In Big Payout – Taylor & Scott

Our client worked in the mining industry. He loved being underground working long hours with a great team. With a young family to support, our client transferred to a different work group in order to earn more money and have more quality time with his family. Unfortunately, his new work group did not make him…

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courtesy bus passenger suffers serious injuries

Injuries From Riding Courtesy Bus Leads To Big Payout – Taylor & Scott

Our client lived in country NSW. Being in her early 80s, she was fiercely independent. She lived alone, enjoyed her garden, meeting friends and walking everywhere. She enjoyed visiting her local club to catch up with her friends. On this particular occasion, she was being driven home with others in the club’s courtesy bus. With…

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Elements that Make up a Negligence Claim

The Four Elements that Make up a Negligence Claim

Apart from motor vehicle accidents and work injuries, the Civil Liability Act 2002 governs negligence claims in NSW. Negligence is a principle originally established in common law, but now modified and enshrined in legislation. Essentially, negligence arises when a person does not exercise ‘reasonable care and skill’ whilst conducting their duty of care obligations. It…

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Severe Foot Injury Negligence Successful Claim

Labourer suffers severe foot injury when crushed by a roller

Our client is a young man who loves the outdoors. Having left school, he obtained employment doing various activities most of which were working outdoors. Being a keen sportsman, he loved surfing and tried to head to the beach after work every day.   Having pursued a number of outdoor jobs, he eventually secured work…

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Supermarket Employee Bullied & Harassed Successful Compensation Claim

Supermarket Employee Bullied And Harassed Wins Negligence Claim

Our client was employed at a supermarket. Over the years, she had worked hard and was promoted. She loved her job and enjoyed working. Once her children had grown up and left home, she was able to take on an evening role at the supermarket and again received a further promotion. At one point in…

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Negligence Success Story Bricklayer Serious Injuries

Serious Injuries to Bricklayer Brings an End to Lifetime of Laying Bricks

Our client spent the whole of his working life laying bricks. He loved his work. Even though he was well past retirement age, he just loved to go to work and build.   On this particular day, he was instructed by his boss to assist a team to build a wall. It was a windy…

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Contributory Negligence

What is Contributory Negligence?

Legal disputes where two parties do not agree on the facts are commonly described as ‘he said she said’ cases, but where a case involves negligence the term ‘his fault / her fault’ may be a more appropriate description. In cases of negligence, it is up to the injured party (plaintiff) to prove the defendant…

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Cherry Picker fall - Negligence Claim

Fall From Cherry Picker – Lucky To Be Alive And Walking

Our client worked as a boilermaker. He worked long hours, usually doing a night shift working up to 80 hours per week. On one occasion, he was sent by his labour hire company to a host employer to install cleats and purlins in a roof structure. This work had to be carried out overnight. Having…

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Construction Site Dogman Tower Crane Fall

Fall Onto Concrete Through Penetration Destroys Young Dogman’s Career

Our client was a young, physically fit dogman who loved working on building sites in and around cranes. He had successfully obtained a number of tickets which allowed him to work on mobile cranes and in a rigging crew which involved him in the erection and dismantling of tower cranes on building sites. On this…

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