5 Things You Should Know About Workers Compensation


The workers compensation system throughout NSW is very complex. It provides a much-needed safety net for workers who are injured at work.

Although the Workers Compensation scheme is supposed to be easy to use, it is not. The scheme is filled with deadlines and special requirements that you need to be aware of. In fact, it is best to consult with an expert workers compensation lawyer when making a workers compensation claim.

Workers Compensation Helps You If You’re Injured At Work

You may be able to claim benefits right away for your injuries, lost wages, medical expenses and vocational rehabilitation.

Surviving family members of someone killed at work or who passed away later as a result of a work injury are often entitled to compensation. You may also be able to make a claim against the employer in a work injury damages claim.

Insurance Can Help Pay For Medical Bills And Lost Wages

The workers compensation scheme in NSW has been set up to assist injured workers and their families to get through the recovery period. The insurance scheme helps pay for:

  • Medical bills, hospital stays and the costs associated with physical rehabilitation,
  • Lost wages if you have to miss work,
  • The difference in wages if you are forced to take a lower-paying job due to the accident,
  • A lump-sum payment if you are left with a permanent injury,
  • Family support and funeral expenses.

You Need To Follow The Application Process Exactly

There are strict deadlines that you need to meet. The government has set time-frames that both employers and workers must comply with.

  • Report the injury at work as soon as possible. You may lose your right to receive compensation if you do not let your employer know you’ve been hurt. We suggest you consult with an attorney right away. You may have a claim for the future effects of your injury on your health.
  • File a claim. Claims for benefits must be made within six months of the injury at work. You will work with your employer’s insurance company to develop an injury management plan.
  • Seek appropriate medical attention. If you need some time off work to recover, your doctor will have to fill out a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity. On the WorkCover Certificate of Capacity, your doctor will note your capacity to work or not work and the limitations you may have.

You Can File Even If Your Employer Is Uninsured

Although employers are supposed to have workers compensation insurance, some don’t. The employer will face stiff fines for not carrying the proper insurance.

However, as an injured employee, you can make a claim through the government.

WorkCover NSW will investigate your claim to determine whether you were employed at the place where the injury occurred and whether the job duties contributed to your accident.

The agency will then determine insurance coverage and benefits you may be entitled to.

You Can Sue Your Employer For Negligence

The workers compensation system is the result of laws made by the government of NSW.

As a result, employees have more protection and help available than before the schemes were put into place. The cost of these protections are born by businesses that fund the Workers Compensation system via insurance.

Workers are limited in respect to the types and amounts of claims they can make, and a number of requirements need to be satisfied before a work injury damages claim can be pursued.

These are very complicated cases. Usually, it’s best to consult with an expert in workers compensation law if you are injured at work.

An experienced compensation lawyer can advise you about bringing a work injury damages claim before the Workers Compensation Commission and subsequently in court.

We Can Help

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