Car Drivers – Stay Clear Of Bicycle Riders


From 1st March 2016, drivers of motor vehicles here in NSW must maintain a distance of at least 1 metre when attempting to pass a bike rider where the speed limit is 60 k.p.h or less. They must maintain a distance of 1.5 metres when the speed limit is more than 60 k.p.h.

If you are unable to pass a bike rider safely, you are required to slow down and wait until it is safe to pass.


A driver caught not keeping the above distances from bike riders faces a fine of $319 and a penalty of two demerit points.


A driver of a motor vehicle will be exempt from the following rules as long as it is safe to pass the bike rider with at least a metre of space between the motor vehicle and the bicycle and the vehicle driver must have a clear view of approaching traffic.

You will be exempt from the following:

  • Keeping to the left of the centre of the road, that is a two way road with no dividing line.
  • Keeping to the left of the centre of a dividing line either broken or unbroken.
  • Keeping off a dividing strip.
  • Keeping off a painted island.
  • Driving within a single marked lane or line of traffic.
  • Moving from one marked lane to another across a continuous line separating the lanes.

These new rules are being introduced into NSW in an effort to save lives and serious injuries.

In NSW, approximately eleven bike riders are killed each year and approximately 1500 are severely injured.

Bike riders – if you are injured by a motor vehicle here in NSW, you may have a CTP claim against the motor vehicle’s greenslip insurer.

Contact the car accident lawyer team here at Taylor & Scott on 1800 600 664 or fill in the Contact Form on this page. All claims are run on a no-win/no-pay basis meaning if you don’t win, we don’t get paid. We are happy to visit you in hospital or at home if you are unable to come to any of our offices.

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