Defective Seat Causes Serious Back Injury, Large Compensation Payout

Our client was educated to Year 10. Having left school, he obtained various labouring jobs in the building and construction industry. Eventually, he secured employment driving dump trucks. His job required him to drive up to ten hours a day over very rough terrain. The seating in the dump truck was a specialised pneumatic design. This specialised seat was meant to ensure that the operator was not bounced around in the cabin. Unfortunately, the company employing our client did not maintain the seating and our client found himself being bounced around in the cabin of his truck all day. The seat was hard. It would bottom out. Complaints made to the boss fell on deaf ears. By the end of the shift, our client experienced intense pain in his back radiating down to his leg. Reports were made, complaints were made, all to no avail. Our client just learned to put up with his pain and tolerated the hard and unforgiving ride in the trucks. No assistance was given. No training was offered. There was no active form of monitoring the condition of the seats as long as the trucks operated; the employer didn’t much care about the operators.

Eventually, the pain our client was experiencing became too much and he consulted his GP for advice. Attending his GP, the doctor suggested pain medication and physio. Neither helped. An MRI was ordered which showed disc protrusions at two levels. The GP referred our client to an orthopaedic specialist for review. The specialist recommended cortisone injection treatment. Physio continued followed by injections of steroid into his back. The injections helped for a short time. Our client got back to light duties, but it wasn’t long before the constant bouncing around on the dodgy seats had set our client back to a point where the back pain was just as bad with sharp pain radiating down his leg.

The GP then referred our client to a Neurosurgeon. Several visits over several months eventually led to a recommendation for surgery. Our client needed a microdiscectomy and rhizolysis. Following rehabilitation, our client got back to work. No longer able to drive the dump trucks, he was put on an excavator. It wasn’t long before the pains returned, and our client needed further back surgery. Eventually, a spinal fusion and disc replacement was performed.

Our client is now left with pain and restriction of movement in his back. He has pain down into his leg. He suffers constant cramping. He can’t perform heavy lifting or stand for too long. He has difficulty kneeling and putting on his shoes and socks. Having spent his entire working life performing heavy physical work and now being permanently unfit for his pre-injury work, he turned to the experts in workers compensation and work injury damages negligence claims here at Taylor & Scott for advice and guidance.


Our client was referred by his Union to Simon Meigan, Partner, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury and one of NSW leading negligence expert lawyers. Simon immediately arranged a face to face meeting with his client. Simon took the time to ensure that he had full and complete instructions from his client. He was then able to advise his client of his rights to workers compensation. Simon focused on the dodgy seating that his client had been forced to sit on at work. Simon recommended a work injury damages negligence claim against the employer. The claim would seek to obtain in one lump sum all the lost wages that our client had suffered in the past as well as all the losses he could expect to suffer right up to retirement.

Naturally, Simon extended Taylor & Scott’s no-win/no-pay fee arrangement meaning that Simon’s client would not pay any costs whatsoever to Taylor & Scott unless and until he had won his negligence case. Simon then proceeded to secure medical reports from all treatment providers and qualified an Occupational Physician who assessed any work capacity that Simon’s client had following the surgery. Simon prepared detailed calculations of the losses his client had suffered as well as calculating his future losses. He then launched a work injury damages negligence claim against the employer. The matter came to mediation and we are very pleased to report that Simon has secured a substantial lump sum settlement compensating his client for past and future lost wages up to retirement age.

Our client’s family now has financial security thanks to Simon and his team of negligence experts here at Taylor & Scott Compensation and Negligence Lawyers.


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