Insurance Officer Injured in Motor Vehicle Accident


Motor vehicle accident

Our client worked for a large insurance company.  Whilst driving to the shops one day, a car came “from nowhere” on his left, failed to give way and collided with his car.  In the accident, he suffered a whiplash injury to his neck and back.  As the evening wore on, our client experienced an increase in his pain, particularly in his neck, lower back and down into each leg.

The next day he attended his GP who arranged CT scans which revealed disc protrusions.  He was prescribed pain medication and physiotherapy was arranged.  As time went on, he didn’t seem to be getting better. Some of the pain in his legs improved but the pain in his neck and down his back continued to cause him a great deal of trouble.

He found that driving his car aggravated his neck and back and sitting for any length of time also increased his pain. Eventually, his GP referred him to a Neurosurgeon who arranged MRI scanning.  Although surgery was discussed, it was decided to persist with conservative treatment in the hope that his pain levels would become manageable. The Neurosurgeon also referred him to a pain management specialist who developed a special treatment plan. Over time, the treatment plan improved our client’s pain levels but he has never been free from pain since the accident.

Activities ranging from helping around the home and garden, washing the car and just sitting in a chair at work, all seemed to aggravate his pain levels. Fortunately, he has learnt to put up with his pain and soldiered on as best he can. Because of his pain, he has to pay for a cleaner at home and a gardener to mow his lawns and care for his garden. His outdoor lifestyle which included gym work, swimming, skiing and camping is no longer possible.

Although he was an experienced insurance company employee who understood the Motor Accident Act and how the claims process worked, he decided to seek advice from the experts in motor accident compensation claims here at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers. Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury, conferred with his client. Very detailed instructions were taken. Simon agreed to act on a no-win/no-pay basis meaning that the client paid no costs whatsoever unless and until he won his case.

Simon proceeded to gather medical reports from all of his client’s treating doctors and arranged for independent experts to also examine and report on his ongoing injuries, disabilities and how they affected his work and home life.

Simon assisted his client with all of the claim forms for the greenslip insurer and prepared detailed answers to the various particulars that the insurer needed. Eventually, the greenslip insurer admitted liability for their insured’s negligence and Simon was then able to make arrangements for a settlement conference to take place.

Eventually, the case was settled for a very substantial sum.  Simon’s client was extremely happy with the financial settlement ensuring that his financial security for the injuries that he had suffered had now been secured.

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If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, you are welcome to contact our expert team of motor accident litigation lawyers here at Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers.  We will happily meet with you and provide you with expert advice.   If we act for you it will be on a no-win/no-pay basis meaning that you will not pay Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers any costs whatsoever unless and until you win your case.

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