What Do You Need To Know About The New Cycling Laws?


What Are The New “Cycling Laws”?

As of March 1, 2016, new laws come into effect that intend to provide a safer environment for cyclists and motorists alike.

Although they apply only in NSW, similar provisions are already in place in Queensland. The laws contain safety measures that you must observe while driving or riding on the roads or pathways in NSW.

While some cyclists might question the safety rationale the government is using to require identification­while­cycling, we recommend that you carry your ID document to avoid significant fines next year.

Drivers Of Motor Vehicles

If you drive a motor vehicle, here is what you need to know:

  • You must keep a one meter space between yourself and a cyclist when passing the cyclist in speed zones of 60 km/h or less
  • You must keep a one­and­a­half meter space between yourself and a cyclist when passing the cyclist in speed zones greater than 60 km/h
  • In many real­life situations, you’ll be stuck behind a slow moving cyclist without having the extra space that you need to pass legally. If it is safe, you are allowed to pass the cyclist by:
    • Moving briefly into the oncoming traffic lane
    • Driving on a dividing strip or painted island
    • Crossing the center line on marked or unmarked roads. Marked roads are those that have solid lines marking a continuous lane going the same direction as you are, or roads that divide oncoming traffic by using solid or dashed lines that separate directions
  • You will not be ticketed for using these maneuvers if it is safe to pass. If it is not safe to pass the cyclist, you must slow down and wait for an opportunity when there is no oncoming traffic.

What Obligations Do Cyclists Have?

If you are a cyclist, under the new laws, you must also do certain things that are intended to keep everyone safe and reduce injuries if you are struck by a motor vehicle.

Currently, most fines are set at $71 per violation. As noted below, these will increase significantly on March 1, 2016.

Going forward, cyclists currently must do the following or pay a much higher fine:

  • Wear a helmet. The new fine is $319
  • Stop at a red light. The new fine is $425
  • Not ride in a dangerous manner. The new fine is $425
  • Not hold onto a moving vehicle. The new fine is $319
  • Stop at pedestrian crossings. The new fine is $425
  • Use lights when riding at night. The new fine is $106.

All Cyclists MUST Now Have Photo ID

On or after March 1, 2017 cyclists will need to carry photo identification when riding if they are over eighteen years of age.

From this date, you can be fined for not carrying photo identification if you are stopped by the police for another reason. The fine for not carrying photo identification will be $106. The ID ­requirement is intended to quickly identify you or notify relatives if you are struck and injured by a motor vehicle.

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