What Will Happen At Court If I Plead Guilty To An Offence?

If you plead guilty to an offence then we will advise the Magistrate of this and enter the plea of guilty on your behalf.  You will need to attend Court for the sentence but we will speak to the Magistrate for you.

At sentence the Magistrate will consider your criminal history (if any) and read the Police Facts.  If the Magistrate considers it necessary, then a pre-sentence report will be ordered.

Apart from speaking to the Magistrate on your behalf we will also hand up to the Magistrate all evidence which we have prepared to assist your case – this can include references, certificates, medical reports and the like.  We will take the Magistrate through the paperwork and explain to the Magistrate the circumstances that led to you being charged with the offence, your explanation for it and highlight all mitigating factors that the Magistrate should take into account when deciding what penalty to impose.  This could include factors such as your need to retain your drivers licence for work purposes.

Penalties available to a Magistrate at sentencing include you being placed on a good behaviour bond, a community service order, a suspended sentence, an intensive correction order and/or full time imprisonment.  Whilst each and every case is different, it is usually only in the most serious cases where a Magistrate would impose a community service order or greater.

At Taylor & Scott we are experienced in presenting the right evidence to a Magistrate for your matter.  We understand the law and how best to obtain the optimum result possible for you.

At Taylor & Scott “ We Care For You.”