When Should I Consider Updating My Will?

You should review your Will regularly. It may be that your circumstances have changed and your Will no longer suits your circumstances.

It is recommended you consider updating or restructuring your Will in the following circumstances:

Where there have been changes to your asset pool or the nature of your assets;

  • Changes to any of your intentions, or the need for sophisticated estate planning;
  • Significant changes in your financial situation which may impact on your will wishes, including acquiring and disposing of assets;
  • The individuals named in your will are now deceased, including executors, beneficiaries or guardians;
  • Entering into business arrangements or structures that may affect your financial situation;
  • Changes in your lifestyle, including health and retirement;
  • Changes in your family relationship structure, including: Marriage, Divorce, Defacto Relationship, Birth of a child, Adoption and Blended family scenarios.

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