Children and Parenting Matters – Sydney

When parents separate, the care of any children from the relationship should be the highest priority. Changes to the family unit are stressful for everyone involved, and children often find it hard to adapt, particularly if there is conflict between the parents. If you are experiencing difficulty coping with children and parenting matters in Sydney and NSW, and require a guiding hand to help you adjust to the changes, Taylor & Scott Lawyers are here to assist.

How can you seek advice on parenting matters in Sydney?

There are various options for people trying to navigate arrangements post-separation, with the ‘children’s best interests’ at the heart of Australian Family Law parenting matters. Both parents are encouraged to retain significant input into children’s matters for a safe and successful future that includes:

  • The children live in an environment free from violence or abuse;
  • Both parents share responsibility for the care and welfare of their child/children;
  • Loving and meaningful relationships are maintained with both parents and other family members.

Taylor & Scott Lawyers, located in the heart of Sydney’s legal and financial district, have been assisting families negotiate separation and divorce since 1905, and our commitment to successful outcomes in children and parenting matters is a major reason for our highly-regarded reputation. Our Family Law Attorneys are among the best in the business, offering insight, guidance and representation that can secure your child’s future with the minimum of disruption.

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How can parenting arrangements be made?

Children adapt to change with confidence when both parents agree on plans for the future. If you and your former spouse or partner remain on communicative terms, with your child/children’s best interests at heart, you can continue to work as a team even while separated. You should both:

  • Provide reassurance that your child is loved;
  • Don’t make your child choose one parent over the other;
  • Reassure your child that they are not to blame for the separation;
  • Listen to your child’s opinions with an open mind;
  • Talk to the other parent about issues affecting your child;
  • Avoid hostile arguments in front of your child; and
  • Speak positively about the other parent in front of your child.

The nature of the relationship with your partner post-separation will determine the best course of action for achieving the above outcomes. If you agree on future arrangements you can establish a parenting plan or obtain agreed-upon consent orders approved by a court. If negotiations with your former partner are being stifled, and you cannot agree on arrangements for your child, the Court can establish legally binding ‘parenting orders’ that protect your child’s best interests.

When can you make an informal parenting agreement?

An informal parenting agreement/plan can be made at any time during your relationship or after separation. Your Taylor & Scott Family Law Attorney can represent you to achieve outcomes that satisfy everyone’s needs without having to go to court. An informal parenting agreement is not an enforceable document, although it can be used as evidence at a later date should you wish to establish legally binding parenting orders. Here are some important children and parenting matters to consider in a parenting agreement:

  • Who the child lives with;
  • Time spent with each parent;
  • Time spent with other relatives;
  • Dealing with disciplinary issues;
  • Your child’s sports, activities and interests;
  • Procedure if one parent decides to relocate; and
  • Issues encountered as your child grows and matures.

How can disputes on parenting matters be handled?

Both parents are encouraged to provide ongoing parenting, with ‘equal shared parental responsibility’ until children reach 18 years of age. Both day-to-day and long-term matters should be considered, and the assistance of a Taylor & Scott Family Law expert can make the process much smoother. We will help you negotiate important considerations in your child’s best interest, including schooling, health, living arrangements and time spent with each parent.

We encourage and facilitate arrangements that include substantial and significant time spent with both parents during daily routines, weekends, holidays and special occasions such as Christmas and birthdays. We aim to assist you and your children while transitioning to a new family dynamic, and with your child’s present and future welfare at stake, your investment in the services of a Taylor & Scott Family Law professional can make all the difference. Contact Taylor & Scott Lawyers to arrange a confidential consultation that will help you see the way forward.

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