Motor Vehicle Accidents – Motorcycle Injury

Motorcycle enthusiasts appreciate nothing more than the liberated freedom of an enjoyable and exhilarating ride. However, with little between rider and road except a jacket, gloves and helmet, motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable to careless road users, badly maintained roadworks and poor infrastructure. Safe riding at appropriate speeds is essential, including an understanding of motorcycle limitations and the ability to make correct decisions at a moment’s notice. The chances of an accident occurring are heightened when weather conditions are poor and the road is unfamiliar, and Taylor & Scott Motorcycle Injury Compensation Lawyers are the best recourse when things go wrong and an accident occurs.

Q. Does Taylor and Scott cover NSW regional locations?

A. Although located in the heart of Sydney’s legal and financial district, Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers reach out to all of NSW. We understand the implications of accidents and the inability of victims to travel in some instances, and make every endeavour to personalise ouright service with a hands-on approach to your needs. Our Motorcycle Accident Lawyers are highly qualified, accredited specialists in the field with decades of case-winning experience for best possible compensation claim outcomes.

If you have suffered an injury in a motorcycle accident we will provide a no obligation free case assessment to determine your chances of making a successful claim. If we believe your case is justified we will even offer our famous ‘no-win no-fee’ guarantee, meaning you don’t have to spend a cent during the claim process, and payment to us is only made if you win the case and payment has been deposited into your bank.

Changes to motor accident laws

Q. Do I really need the best compensation lawyers to make a claim?

A. It’s perfectly acceptable for you to undertake you own compensation claim. After all, you are the victim and have knowledge of the accident or incident that resulted in injury. However, most compensation claims involve a lot more than just filling in a form and waiting for restitution. In many cases, compensation claims are disputed, resulting in drawn-out legal battles, ongoing expenses and motivated opposition. It’s easy to find yourself out of depth and out of pocket during compensation claim negotiations, so securing the services of the best compensation lawyers is a smart long-term investment.

Every motorcycle accident is different, and it’s natural for insurance companies and guilty parties to try to wriggle out of responsibility for compensation payments. Taylor & Scott Lawyers understand intricate law and remain alert for opportunities to provide legal direction when cases become complex and confusing. With the best compensation lawyers, motorcycle accident victims have a powerful and highly-regarded team on their side, ensuring any disputes are nipped in the bud and client success remains the major priority. We assist in a lot of ways, including:

  • Compiling all documents and forms on your behalf for a strong presentation
  • Undertaking medical and police records searches
  • Collecting witness statements and other evidence
  • Negotiation with insurance companies and opposing legal firms
  • Representing your case in court if the claim is disputed

Q. How do I report a motorcycle accident for a compensation claim?

A. Motorcycle accidents can involve the rider or pillion passenger, both of whom are eligible to be compensated for injury. In some instances, the accident is considered ‘blameless’, for example, when the rider swerves to avoid an unexpected obstacle on the road, catapulting the pillion passenger off the bike. Regardless of fault, a claim needs to be supported by evidence that can include:

  • Information regarding any other vehicles or people involved in the accident
  • Information regarding any faulty roadworks or infrastructure related to the accident
  • Photograph and video evidence plus witness statements where applicable
  • Police accident reports and statements
  • Any other information you feel may strengthen your compensation claim case

Q. How much can I claim for a motorcycle accident?

A. Compensation claim outcomes are determined by the evidence provided, although expert legal assistance from dedicated Taylor & Scott Lawyers can markedly assist with maximising compensation claim potential. Compensation claim payments include money to cover:

  • Loss of past, present and future income, including superannuation
  • Medical costs including hospital care and ambulance services
  • Home-care nursing services and assistance
  • Alterations to home or work environments
  • Lump-sum payments for injuries affecting more than 10 percent of normal function

With Taylor & Scott Lawyers on your side you have a firm with a proud history since establishment in 1905, plus a team of highly qualified and dedicated lawyers with decades of case winning experience. We firmly believe that accident victims deserve to be compensated for any loss and will do whatever we can to ensure a brighter future for you and your loved ones.

At Taylor & Scott, ‘We Care For You’.