Insurance Claims – Business Disputes

Running a successful business requires ongoing relationships between employees, customers and suppliers. Every business suffers occasional setbacks that are usually overcome with common sense, transparency and effective communication, but occasionally problems escalate. When the situation escalates into a dispute, a resolution is the only way forward, and the services of an experienced legal firm provides the means to achieve satisfactory outcomes.

Taylor & Scott Compensation Lawyers have been negotiating insurance claims for clients since the company was established in 1905, and successful resolutions are the reason we remain a highly regarded compensation firm in the 21st Century. When business disputes arise, and negotiations reach a stalemate, it’s time to contact the experts at Taylor & Scott for achieving the results you deserve.

What do you need to know about business insurance claims?

Every dispute has two sides, so understanding the problem is essential for making an informed decision that can satisfy all parties. Many business disputes arise due to misunderstandings where arrangements have not been clearly outlined. Both written contracts and verbal agreements are valid business arrangements where proof such as supporting paperwork, emails and other communications are documented. In many cases, a conversation with invested parties will clear the air and settle misunderstandings.

If the situation can’t be resolved amicably, the guidance of a trusted advisor is required. Taylor & Scott employ specialists in all areas of compensation, including insurance experts fully qualified to guide you through a business dispute. We offer a free case assessment. Taylor & Scott are the claims experts with a dedication to satisfy client requirements and a winning reputation that carries weight in legal circles.

What are the first steps in taking further legal action?

Establishing your legal standing can be difficult when dealing with experienced opponents and opposing legal teams. When communications break down, business dispute resolution can involve mediation, conciliation and arbitration, and it won’t take long before most people are out of their depth in negotiations. Taylor & Scott Lawyers offer unequalled dispute support in difficult-to-win cases, and with us on your side you have full support from assessment until insurance claim success.

Businesses employ the services of insurance companies who don’t part with money without valid reasons, so Taylor & Scott will strengthen your insurance claim in many ways, including:

  • Developing strategies to bolster your claim’s chances of success
  • Collating all documents into a strong document deserving of genuine consideration
  • Conducting searches and procuring evidence to support your claim
  • Negotiation with businesses, insurance companies and opposing legal teams
  • Representation in court if required

 What are some common types of losses and insurance?

There are wide-ranging business insurances available to protect business owners, employees and suppliers. Undertaking an insurance claim due to a business dispute or loss needs to target the correct area of insurance for a successful outcome. Common types of business insurance include:

Professional indemnity/liability: Protection from legal action if someone suffers a loss following professional advice or service.

Public liability: Cover for legal and compensation costs arising from injury, death, or damage to property caused by negligence.

Property: Covers damage or loss related to stock, contents and buildings caused by accidental damage and insured events.

Product liability: Cover for businesses that sell, deliver or supply goods, including service and repairs, where failure of a product causes damage, injury or death.

Theft and burglary: Insurance against loss or damage to contents or stock caused by robbery or deception.

Money: Covers money stolen from business premises, while in transit, or taken from a private residence.

Workers compensation: Compulsory insurance for all businesses with a certain number of employees.

Other common types of business insurance include commercial vehicle insurance, business interruption, deterioration of stock, employee fraud or dishonesty, machinery/equipment breakdown and more. If you are uncertain where you stand in any insurance claim or business dispute, Taylor & Scott Lawyers will provide the answers and inform you of the necessary steps to take.

What are some examples of determinations?

Expert determination is an alternative means of achieving a dispute resolution without the need for an arbitration hearing. Taylor & Scott Lawyers represent you in negotiations with an independent third party that assists all parties in finding a satisfactory resolution to business disputes. This form of collaborative law focuses on business dispute resolution that minimises conflict. Reaching a mutually acceptable settlement is an ideal determination in most cases, facilitated by expert guidance and representation from Taylor & Scott.

At Taylor & Scott, ‘We Care For You’.