Insurance Claims and Disputes  

Most of us will take out insurance policies during our lifetime. We do this to protect ourselves and our loved ones in case some event occurs resulting in injury, damage or loss. On occasion, an insurance company may reject a claim relating to travel, sickness and accidents, death benefits and more, necessitating expert Taylor & Scott intervention, including providing information regarding your rights and knowledgeable guidance to help resolve the dispute.

Insurance claim assessments are uniform, with only a small percentage of claims resulting in unwanted disputes. However, when the insurance safety net fails there is often no backup plan, and hardship will follow unless sound legal advice is followed. In some situations, a claim is rejected for no apparent reason, or due to the insurance company alleging fraud by the claimant. In this circumstance, it is imperative to receive competent Taylor & Scott legal advice.

How do compensation lawyers resolve disputes?

Our lawyers will weigh up your chances of success and provide you with frank advice. If your claim is one which lacks support, they will review your claim and advise you of weaknesses. Taylor & Scott Lawyers discuss evidence required to strengthen your case, whether from an industry expert, witness, or compensation lawyer with his or her eye on the job at hand. A reputable compensation lawyer is knowledgeable enough to inform the insurer where they have misinterpreted the law or the insurance contract.

Insurance companies are required by law to have an internal dispute resolution system along with a scheme for external dispute resolution. Although there are always legal recourses for people unjustly treated, representation can become expensive, so addressing any claim weaknesses early is advisable. As a safeguard guarantee, the Taylor & Scott promise of no-win/no-fee really does mean we don’t get paid if we lose the case. Although fairness for all Australians is a real Taylor & Scott incentive, successful claim outcomes are the reason we have continued to serve Australians for more than a century.

Why do insurers deny compensation claims?

Although approximately 97% of Australian compensation claims are resolved successfully, there are always exceptions. In many cases, claims that appear difficult to resolve achieve better outcomes with the assistance of Taylor & Scott research and investigation. Once all required information is collected and collated, it’s time to present a strong compensation case. There are also several reasons for insurance companies to justifiably deny compensation, including:

  • Policy exclusions related to specific situations and circumstances
  • Policy cancellation due to not being renewed or the premium remaining unpaid
  • Conditions and responsibilities outlined in the policy were ignored or overlooked
  • Non-disclosure to insurer of facts that affect the policy or claim outcomes
  • Failure in personal responsibilities related to the claim

Although the treatment of customers and methods for resolving disputes are clearly outlined in the General Insurance Code of Practice, problems still arise from time to time. Insurers are expected to be fair, open and honest in all dealings with customers, including high standards of sales and service. Dealing with claims and handling complaints is a position of responsibility, and if unjust or unfair insurance company treatment is suspected, Taylor & Scott legal representatives can intervene effectively on your behalf.

Why do compensation lawyers assist with dispute resolutions?

As a complimentary first step, Taylor & Scott offers a free case assessment for every insurance claim or dispute. As legal experts, we won’t waste your time, providing straight-forward advice regarding your chances of claim success. At Taylor & Scott, we are proud of our no-win/no-fee commitment, and your satisfaction is our success, so if we believe you have a good chance of successful insurance dispute resolution and business disputes, every effort will be made to achieve the results you want.

On occasions, spurious arguments have been made by insurance companies. In many cases, clients back off, scared of a prolonged stoush and associated legal fees. The alternative is to have competent legal experts in your corner to assess the claim, advise you of your rights, point out claim weaknesses and suggest how those weaknesses can be overcome. Taylor & Scott compensation lawyers have been helping Sydney and regional NSW clients receive fair and just treatment since 1905, and our commitment remains as strong as ever.