Slip And Fall Victim Brings Public Liability Insurance Claim

Recently our litigation team acted for a heavily pregnant mum who suffered a Slip and Fall in a shopping centre.


Our client was walking with her mum in the shopping centre when her feet flew out from under her.  She fell heavily to the floor, injuring her knee.  At this point she noticed that her clothing was wet and then realised that the floor had water spilled over it.

Needless to say she was very shaken up in the fall.  Her main concern was for her unborn baby who we are pleased to report came into the world several weeks later.  But as a result of the slip and fall in the shopping centre, our client has been left with a painful knee.  Eventually she consulted the litigation team here at Taylor & Scott who are experts in Public Liability Insurance and Slip and Fall Claims.

Our team conducted a Free Case Assessment and agreed to act on a no-win/no-pay basis meaning that if our client didn’t win her case, we would not get paid.


In investigating the Slip and Fall Claim, our legal team focused not only on the owner of the shopping centre but also on the cleaning company who had the responsibility of regularly patrolling to ensure that spillages were cleaned up.  Our team were able to establish that the system used by the cleaning company was inadequate and so both the shopping centre owner and the cleaning company were responsible for our client’s injuries.

An action was commenced in the District Court of NSW claiming damages against both companies.

Eventually the Public Liability Insurance Companies of both defendants sat down with our team and a settlement was awarded to our client.

Commenting on the case, Simon Meigan, Accredited Specialist, stated: “When assessing Slip and Fall Claims it is important to gather all the facts of how and why the accident occurred.  Many times we are able to establish that the centre’s cleaners bear some of the blame because of their inadequate cleaning practices”.

If you are injured in a Slip and Fall accident, contact the experts here at Taylor & Scott on 1800 600 664 or complete the Contact Form on this page.   We will provide you with a Free Case Assessment and if we act for you, it will be on a no-win/no-pay basis meaning that if you don’t win, we don’t get paid.  

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