Successful Compensation Lawyers In Sydney

There is a big difference between a regular lawyer and one who specialises in compensation claims. Compensation Law is a huge area of law that takes years of study, training and experience to fully master. You only get one chance to successfully claim compensation for accidents caused by negligence, and the smart approach is to secure the services of Taylor & Scott Lawyers, experienced compensation lawyers in Sydney.

How to choose a compensation lawyer in Sydney?

Choosing the right compensation lawyer should be your first consideration if you are considering undertaking a claim. Negligence cases and accident claims are often disputed by employers, organisations, individuals, insurance companies and opposing legal teams, so it will pay dividends to work with a lawyer who specialises in compensation claims. Here are some important questions worth asking a potential compensation lawyer.

Do you specialise in compensation law?

Highly qualified lawyers are specialists who oversee their chosen field of law. For best compensation claim outcomes you must choose an accredited personal injury law specialist. Any lawyer can make a claim on your behalf, but only lawyers who specialise in compensation law have the ability to maximise outcomes for worker’s compensation claims, motor vehicle accident claims, medical negligence claims, public liability, tpd or other claim types.

Who in the firm will be handling my compensation claim case?

Some law firms provide an accredited specialist for the initial consultation, then hand the case on to a junior lawyer. At Taylor & Scott, your claim case is overseen by accredited specialists from commencement to completion, allowing you to obtain the compensation results you deserve.

What are my chances of case-winning success?

Successful compensation lawyers in Sydney will know your chances of a winning claim during your first consultation, when provided with all relevant information. At Taylor & Scott, we offer an initial free consultation for negligence claims. Although it is not possible to 100% guarantee success, your experienced and accredited compensation lawyer will be able to give you a firm indication of likelihood of success.

How much is my compensation claim worth?

This is another question best answered by an accredited compensation lawyer. Successful compensation lawyers in Sydney should be able to give you a ‘ballpark’ dollar range of expected outcomes. Taylor & Scott Lawyers take the guesswork out of compensation claims, allowing you to get on with life with peace of mind.

Retaining A lawyer


How long will my case take to complete?

Every claim type is different, including allowable time frames for lodging the claim. At Taylor & Scott, we  have the skills and know-how to overcome all obstacles and progress your claim as quickly as possible.

How are your legal fees charged?

At Taylor & Scott, we are up-front regarding all expected costs related to your  claim.  You will be informed of our costs agreement and disbursement fees involved prior to our taking on your case. In addition, we offer a ‘no-win no-fee’ payment arrangement. In other words, if you don’t win your case, we don’t get paid.

How can a successful compensation lawyer in Sydney help with my claim?

There are a lot of ways for successful compensation lawyers in Sydney to assist your claim. At Taylor & Scott, our services include:

  • Assistance with all documentation and paperwork;
  • Collecting reports from treating doctors and hospitals;
  • Collecting police reports and other relevant information;
  • Collecting witness statements;
  • Communication with industry experts in relation toyour workplace accident;
  • Communication with insurers and opposing legal teams;
  • Timely lodging of your claim so you don’t suffer any claim payment delays;
  • Ongoing communication and assistance so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Is it worth hiring a successful compensation lawyer in Sydney?

For optimal compensation outcomes, it is strongly advised to employ the services of a law firm specialising in Compensation Law. It is simply not worth gambling on your future by approaching an inexperienced or unqualified lawyer. For best chances of compensation claim success and maximising compensation outcomes, contact our team of successful compensation lawyers in Sydney at Taylor & Scott. We work with compassion and empathy to deliver the advice, assistance and services required to expedite compensation claims for best possible results.

At Taylor & Scott, We Care For You.