Why are we the Best Compensation Claim Lawyers?

Australian law holds that if you have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence you may be entitled to claim compensation from the at fault party. Compensation law is a broad area covering a range of personal injuries including public liability injuries, workplace injuries, motor vehicle accidents, medical injuries and many other situations where an injury arises.

Do you Need a Compensation Claim Lawyer?

While the law of negligence broadly covers most situations, there are specific laws and principles that apply to different injuries that occur in a number of given contexts. If you’ve sustained an injury and it’s someone else’s fault, knowing how to pursue a compensation claim can be confusing and overwhelming.

A compensation claim lawyer will be a valuable asset when it comes to claiming compensation, but any old lawyer simply won’t do. To ensure your best chance of success, you’ll want the best compensation claim lawyer on your side. You’ll want a Taylor & Scott compensation claim lawyer.

Contact A Compensation Claim Lawyer

Why Choose Taylor & Scott Lawyers?

Taylor & Scott Lawyers have been assisting people who have sustained personal injury for over 118 years. Specialising in compensation law means a Taylor & Scott compensation claim lawyer brings years of first-hand experience and resources to your case. Here’s why we are the best compensation claim lawyers:


A Taylor & Scott compensation claim lawyer is experienced. As compensation law experts, Taylor & Scott Lawyers have years of first-hand experience dealing with compensation claims. Their knowledge extends to a range of different cases which means they can readily advise you and act on your behalf.

Proven Record

Taylor & Scott Lawyers have a reputation for achieving results. Their proven track record has seen countless injured parties receive the compensation they deserve and get on with their life. We’re proud of this reputation and always seek to achieve a positive outcome for all our clients.

Personal Care

When you choose Taylor & Scott Lawyers, you’re choosing a lawyer who provides personal care and attention to your individual case. As a smaller firm, Taylor & Scott Lawyers can offer more than a service, they offer genuine care and understanding.


While Taylor & Scott Lawyers is small enough to offer personal care and attention, they’re big enough to take on the big cases. Backed by extensive resources and a strong team, a compensation claim lawyer from Taylor & Scott can stand up against big insurers and companies to fight on your behalf.

Experts in the Field

Taylor & Scott Lawyers are experts in the field of compensation law. Many Taylor & Scott lawyers are recognised as specialists in their field by the law society of New South Wales so you can rest assured in their ability, skills and knowledge.

Claim the Right Amount

If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence then knowing what to claim and how much can be tricky. A compensation claim lawyer from Taylor & Scott Lawyers can assess your injury and claim to determine a fair and achievable compensation figure. They may suggest claiming items you didn’t know were possible to claim.

Compensation Claim Lawyer Benefits


Stress and injuries go hand-in-hand. When you’ve suffered an injury you want it dealt with quickly. A compensation claim lawyer from Taylor & Scott Lawyers will deal with your compensation claim in an efficient manner to minimise stress.

No Win /No Fee

When you engage the services of a compensation claim lawyer from Taylor & Scott Lawyers, they will most often act for you on their no win/no fee basis as a ‘guarantee’ to you. This alleviates the financial burden and strain of pursuing an injury compensation claim.

Above and Beyond

A compensation claim lawyer from Taylor & Scott will go above and beyond to help you and your case. This includes travelling to you for meetings or to obtain evidence and seeking out the most up to to date research that could assist your case.

In one such example, a Taylor & Scott compensation claim lawyer sought the expert opinion of a medical professional in the United Kingdom to provide evidence in a compensation case. The expert’s opinion was a key factor in achieving a successful outcome for the claimant.

Making a Compensation Claim

When it comes to making a compensation claim, knowing where to start can be the hardest part. With a compensation claim lawyer from Taylor & Scott Lawyers, beginning the compensation claim process is easy. Meet up with your compensation claim lawyer for a free, no obligation case assessment. During this meeting your compensation claim lawyer can advise if you have a case and any necessary steps moving forward.

Generally Taylor & Scott will work for you on a no win/no fee basis which means you can relax knowing your case is being handled by the best and your win is their win.