How Can a Workplace Injury Lawyer Benefit You?

Over a lifetime, it is estimated we will spend approximately 54% of our waking hours at work. That’s more than half our waking hours! With so much time spent in the workplace, it’s likely that you could sustain an injury whilst there. Whether your work takes place in an office or entails more physical work on a construction site, a workplace injury could happen anywhere at anytime.

Common workplace injuries include: fatigue and strain; back pain; trips and falls; injuries from falling objects; repetitive motion injuries; sprains and strains; injuries resulting from machinery; and stress and mental health. In serious cases, a workplace injury may even lead to death. If you’ve sustained a workplace injury, then you may benefit from the specialised services of a workplace injury lawyer.

The Law and Workplace Injuries

To protect Australian workers, Australia enforces strict legislation to ensure employers create a safe work environment for their employees. Safe Work Australia is the body responsible for implementing safe work practices. This authority creates policy, sets standards and evaluates current laws. The body was established under the Safe Work Australia Act 2008. However, it is is important to note that this is the national body, and each state have their own work safety authority and workplace health and safety laws.

Workplace Injury Lawyer Benefits

Do You Need a Lawyer?

With a multitude of laws and regulations, that vary across states, navigating workplace health and safety legislation can be complicated. An experienced workplace injury lawyer can offer valuable assistance in the event of a workplace injury. With their extensive knowledge of workplace health and safety legislation, they can ensure your case is dealt with quickly and fairly. Workers compensation often becomes a point of contention in workplace injury cases, but with a workplace injury lawyer in your corner you will have the best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

The Benefits of a Workplace Injury Lawyer


A workplace injury lawyer brings years of experience and expertise to your individual case. Unlike the novice who attempts to understand workplace health and safety laws, a workplace injury lawyer has undertaken specialised training and will be up to date with the latest law reforms and changes that could affect your case.


With extensive knowledge of workplace health and safety laws, a workplace injury lawyer will know how to deal with your case quickly and efficiently. They can advise the best course of action to ensure the best possible outcome.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation ensures that anyone who suffers an injury at work can be compensated for that injury. However, receiving compensation isn’t necessarily a straightforward process. The law places limitations on workers compensation claims, depending on the type and extent of injury, as well as the circumstances surrounding the injury.

A workplace injury lawyer will understand the various limitations and conditions on workers compensation claims, which means they can advise you on how to set a claim figure that will cover all your necessary expenses. They can also advise you on what you may be entitled to. It may surprise you to learn some of the expenses that can be claimed, from loss of income and superannuation, to medical expenses and transport costs.

Fight on Your Behalf

Employers and their insurers will often put up a good fight to avoid paying workers compensation to an injured employee. A workplace injury lawyer has the skills and resources to go up against stark opposition and present your case in court to ensure you have the best chance of winning.

Contact A Workplace Injury Lawyer

Ready to Deal with Complications

Workplace injuries are rarely simple. There are many things that can complicate a workplace injury case. These can include situations where another business or third party is involved with the incident, where some contributory negligence exists or where there is disagreement over how the injury was sustained. A legal professional will be ready to deal with any complications that arise.

Pursue a Claim without Legal Costs

If a workplace injury lawyer believes you have a viable workers compensation claim, they can make an application for a grant of legal assistance from Workers Compensation Independent Review Organisation on your behalf. This means that you can pursue a workers compensation claim with assistance from a workplace injury lawyer and you will not pay any legal costs.

Avoid Stress

A workplace injury is stressful enough, let alone dealing with the legal ramifications of such an injury. When you engage the services of a workplace injury lawyer you can hand the case over to them and minimise the stress of dealing with the situation yourself. Knowing your case is in the capable hands of a professional can give you peace of mind and help you to focus on recovering from your injury.

Finding a the right lawyer

When looking for a workplace injury lawyer, you should approach a trusted firm with experience in workplace injuries and compensation. At Taylor & Scott Lawyers we have been assisting people who have sustained a personal injury for over 118 years and our reputation as ‘the best’ is something we’re extremely proud of. At the heart of our services is genuine care and a motivation to achieve a positive outcome for all our clients. If you’re looking for personal care from a firm that’s big enough to handle the tough cases, like workplace injuries, look no further than a Taylor & Scott workplace injury lawyer.