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Can You Be Prepared For a Personal Injury?

It’s impossible to predict when or where an injury will strike. On the road, during a sporting match or even at the local shopping mall, an accident causing personal injury often occurs when you least expect it. The unpredictable nature of personal injuries means few can be prepared for the physical, emotional and financial consequences that a significant injury brings.

A personal injury is further complicated when the injury is caused by someone else’s negligence. On top of medical considerations, an injured person or carer will also need to consider the legal implications of such an accident. A compensation claim may be necessary to provide appropriate support for the injured party. Although one can never be prepared for an injury, you can be prepared to remedy the situation as soon as possible with the right legal team. In the event of a personal injury there is only one name you need to remember, and that’s Taylor & Scott Lawyers.

Personal Injury

Taylor & Scott Are Personal Injury Experts

These Sydney lawyers have been winning difficult personal injury claims since 1905. With over a century of litigation experience, the team at Taylor & Scott Lawyers specialise in personal injury compensation, from motor vehicle accidents and school yard incidents to trips, slips and falls. Their in-depth knowledge allows them to take full advantage of the law and maximise your compensation claim. When going up against large companies, size does matter and unlike smaller firms, Taylor & Scott Lawyers have the power to pursue cases against big insurance companies and corporate groups. Their winning track record has seen thousands of successful claims and difficult cases won, providing millions of much needed dollars to their clients.

How Can Personal Injury Compensation Help?

Taylor & Scott Lawyers stand by the principal that an injured person shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of someone else’s negligence or actions. A personal injury compensation claim can assist with medical bills, loss of income and carers assistance. For many injured persons, compensation will be necessary to help them get back on their feet. Starting a compensation claim process may be overwhelming and daunting, especially in the wake of serious injury. This is why Taylor & Scott Lawyers aim to make the process simple and efficient from the very beginning. They manage each case with care and understanding in order to minimise stress and financial burden.

How to Make a Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Their commitment to a simple and stress-free personal injury compensation claim starts before they have even spoken with a client. The decision to pursue personal injury compensation doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to Taylor & Scott’s free 40-minute case assessment. It’s easy to register your interest on their website, following which an experienced personal injury lawyer will call you to make arrangements. A personal injury lawyer can meet with you at your home, in hospital or at one of five office locations across New South Wales, including CBD, Lidcombe, Campbelltown, Newcastle and Wollongong. This obligation free assessment provides peace of mind to clients especially when they are unsure if they have a case.

During the 40-minute case assessment a personal injury lawyer can review your case and establish whether you can claim compensation. They will also advise on the best course of action and subsequent steps. In most cases, when Taylor & Scott Lawyers decide to act for you, their no-win no fee guarantee will apply so that finances are not an obstacle when pursuing justice.

A Personal Approach to Your Personal Injury Claim

Injuries occur in a wide range of settings and may result from someone else’s negligence or actions. The extent of an injury also varies greatly, along with the impact that an injury will have upon an individual’s circumstances. As a result, the amount of compensation that an injured person requires will differ. Taylor & Scott recognise that no two compensation claims are the same. They treat each case with personal care and approach each compensation claim on its own merits. The sizable and diverse compensation team at Taylor & Scott Lawyers can provide expertise in a broad range of personal injury compensation areas, including niche areas.

Personal Injury

Areas of Personal Injury Compensation

Their dedication to specialisation means that the personal injury lawyer assigned to your case will bring an understanding of that specific area of law and how it applies. Thus ensuring a greater chance of success and the skills to maximise your compensation pay out. Areas of personal injury compensation include: aircraft accidents; dog attacks; dust diseases; holiday accidents; coal mine accidents; industrial deafness; medical negligence; nursing and retirement home claims; public liability injuries; school, sporting or playground incidents; shopping centre accidents; Workers Compensation; work injury negligence claims; and many more.

The Taylor & Scott Team

Taylor & Scott Lawyers boast a team of professional and personable lawyers, ready to assist you with your compensation claim. Many are recognised and accredited by the Law Society of NSW as specialists in their field, bringing years of hard-won experience to your case. The firm has a reputation for providing both legal and practical advice at every stage to provide the utmost support to clients. Their approach to each case ensures clients always feel valued and treated with respect.

Why Choose Taylor & Scott Lawyers?

Taylor & Scott Lawyers are driven to provide quality legal services at an affordable price and maintain their position as a top firm in the area of personal injury law. They will never shy away from a big or difficult case, but always find time to seek justice for the smaller cases. With their tailored services and genuine care for people and justice, Taylor & Scott Lawyers are the right choice for your personal injury case.