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When is it too late to engage a migration expert to represent you at the AAT migration review hearing?

Background Information:

Andrew Woo, Lawyer and Migration Agent recently acted for a client who came to Australia on a student visa to pursue his further studies and also to join his long-term partner in 2014. In 2015, Andrew’s client went to apply for a partner visa on the basis of his eligible de-facto relationship. Unfortunately, his application for a partner visa was refused due to his long-standing medical conditions including Hepatitis B virus infection in early 2017. This unexpected event required our client to submit his application for a merit review through the AAT. Following lodgement of the review application, it took almost 1.5 years for the AAT to advise our client and his partner of a hearing date. By this time, our client had already engaged two different representatives. Given the consequences of losing the merit review (having to depart Australia and the possible ending of his relationship with his partner), our client made a “fateful decision” to seek a third opinion from Andrew about 6 weeks before the hearing date. Following advice from Andrew at the initial consultation, Andrew was retained to represent the client at the AAT.

Steps taken:

Despite the limited time Andrew had, he managed to obtain all the relevant information held by the AAT and thoroughly reviewed the materials to learn the ins and outs of his client’s circumstances. Andrew understood that the MOC’s opinion could not be really challenged and knew that he would have to focus on other compelling circumstances. Andrew could not allow the short timeframe to get in the way of being ready for the review hearing. Andrew’s client and his partner and their numerous friends all worked extremely hard to prepare extensive documents in support of the review application following the advice and plan prepared by Andrew.


Andrew appeared for his client and his partner at the AAT migration review hearing. There were extensive written and oral submissions made by Andrew on behalf of his clients. Andrew made further written submissions to cover all the relevant points thoroughly even after the hearing. Within a month, Andrew received a notification from the AAT that Andrew’s application for a merit review was successful. The important lesson from this case is it is never too late to engage a migration expert such as Andrew Woo to prepare your case for a migration review hearing at the AAT.

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